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Self care tips from Cat Rowe

A message from local massage therapist and intuitive healer, Cat Rowe with self care and self massage tips for maintaining health and well-being at this time.

Hi everyone, during these challenging times I’m sending you lots of love.

As someone who receives massage therapy quite regularly, I am missing it! So I thought I’d share some body self care tips. Please take what’s useful.

First up: It’s obvious but Breathe…

Try this: Sit with your back relaxed but straight and imagine as you breathe in you’re inhaling from your very toes upwards, deep into the belly. Feel it arrive in the core of your heart and expand outwards.

Let it linger long and deep before releasing an exhale of at least 4 seconds.

Do this for one minute or more, increasing the exhale to six seconds as you continue – you’re activating the parasympathetic nervous system which decreases heart rate and restores calm.

Self Massage Your Face, Hands And Feet

There are thousands of nerve endings in your hands and feet that when gently pressed will quickly bring you back into the present moment. Gently massaging around the face and jaw as well will activate the vagus nerve which plays a key role in restoring emotional balance.

Take some cream, oil or lotion and gently use an upwards stroking motion around the mouth, past the nose, circling the eyes and then sweeping across the forehead and down by the jawline. Repeat until you feel the muscles relax. Be creative!

Do the same with both hands, gently working up each knuckle and slowly pressing the joints in each finger. With the opposite thumb, gently rub circles in the palms of each hand.

Do the same with your feet with an emphasis on the plantar fascia, the muscle that runs from the heels to the toes. If you have plantar fasciitis or any injuries or infections then please don’t.

This may feel slightly indulgent but maybe that’s the point!

DIY Occipital Release

The suboccipitals are a group of muscles at the top of the neck, beneath the head’s occipital bone. When they get tight they can in turn affect the deeper muscles of the upper back like the trapezius. It’s pretty common for people to hold tension in these areas when they’re stressed.

To release it try this simple exercise.

(If you have any injuries to the neck, head, upper shoulders, back or find it difficult to lie down in a stretched out supine position, then simply don’t do it.)

Take a thick heavy book and place on the floor at the top end of a blanket or yoga mat. Gently lie down and rest the back of your head on the book. Very gently with awareness move your head so it feels as if the top of the neck where it curves into the head has ‘hooked’ on to the edge of the book.

With deep long breaths gently see if raising or lowering the chin or moving the head slightly side to side releases tension in these muscles. Experiment with keeping your eyes open or shut whilst doing it. Continue breathing and let the weight of the head fully rest.

If it feels uncomfortable or strains the neck in any way immediately stop.

Grounding (Earthing) 

Find a quiet place outdoors such as a garden or local park where you won’t be disturbed. Take off your shoes and socks and try barefoot walking mindfully for ten minutes. Earthing is wonderful for helping us feel physically connected and safe.

As always Love and Blessings
Cat x

Quantum Healing

Throughout April and May Cat will be offering restorative Quantum Healing  – similar to her Insight Massage but using the distant healing methods of Reiki combined with intuitive insight – at a discount price of £25.00 per session.

This is a gentle and safe treatment for stress relief and reducing fear, grounding the body and awakening positive feelings within. A beautiful channel of information for your highest good.

Feedback so far has been wonderful.

Sessions last 50 minutes with a ten minute ‘check out’ phone call to feedback any guidance. Feel free to text or call me on 07419 991082 to book.

Posted 07:08 Saturday, Apr 18, 2020 In: Health Matters

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