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Around the fire Photo John Stiles

Around the fire Photo John Stiles

Post Big Sleep 2017

BIG THANKS from The Seaview Project to everyone who participated, by either sleeping over at The Stade or by donating. You can still donate up until 1st December 2017. Every penny goes towards the services provided by Seaview – and is gratefully received. Zelly Restorick writes.

Donate here: The Big Sleep My Donate Page. (* Currently there is a minor problem with the website, which Seaview are endeavouring to rectify.)

Big Sleepers in their 2017 sweatshirts. Photo John Stiles

Big Sleepers in their 2017 sweatshirts. Photo John Stiles

Appreciation from Seaview’s Chief Officer

“Thank you to anyone who supports us,” says Annie Whelan, CO for Seaview. “There is something special and unique about Hastings and the way the community wraps itself around the things that really matter. A special thank you to all Big Sleepers; it is certainly true that we would not be able to do all that we are currently doing without your help.

“Seaview is very much a home grown organisation, offering a spectrum of support focussed on mental health and homelessness for over 30 years to people who feel on the edge of society or isolated for a whole range of reasons. Last year we saw 1381 people across all of our areas of support.

“Unfortunately the numbers of people rough-sleeping is increasing nationally and locally. Last year we verified 221 different individuals across the whole year and as many as 30+ on any given night. This was an increase on the previous year when we verified 147 individuals across the year. However in the first quarter of this year April to June we had already verified 113 different people. We could not continue to meet the very real need we are facing in these times of austerity and budget shrinking without your consistent and amazing support as a community.”

Big Sleep free music night Photo John Stiles

Big Sleep free music night Photo John Stiles

Gratitude for Seaview’s services

Mr Wayne Sinclair used Seaview’s services and feels his life changed as a result:

Dear Seaview

First and foremost I must start with purveying my admiration to all the amazing people at Seaview who give their time and emotions that allows Seaview to do all the fantastic work that you do.  

Without you, I would not be typing this letter right now

A few years ago I had stumbled upon very VERY hard times. I am not exaggerating when I say that I lost everything. My last child moved back up north, I lost my job and my long term relationship ended all within a few months, all was indeed terrible and then I lost my home. I am not going to rattle on about how grim things were because if it wasn’t for Seaview who could say just how bad things could have become making my perception of “grim” weak.

Now my dates may not be exact but the season is vivid. Winter was coming on with a vengeance and it was so cold and wet. October or early November with the festive season just weeks away, I had been sleeping rough in and around the St Leonards-on-sea area for a month or 2. I had long passed ‘the end of my tether’ and was existing on pure instinct. I had already given up until one evening, on the sea front promenade, someone told me about Seaview and where they were located. The following morning I went along.

WOW! I was welcomed as soon as I entered, given several hot drinks but most of all I was listened to. You listened to me and heard every word. From being all alone on the streets to, being ignored and belittled by almost everyone that had the misfortune to look upon me “TO” being understood and empathised with, TO feeling ‘not alone’ in an empty world where humanity still does exist in a very real and tangible way. You helped me to find accommodation and assisted be with applying for the funding I required for the deposit and rent. I was in temporary accommodation over the festive season and in a flat of my own by January.

To summarise, Seaview took in a very broken human and helped recreate a proud self-respecting man.

Now, 5 years on, I am still in the same building that you helped me get and I have started my own fully insured home improvements business. On a very personal note I would like to thank each and every person involved in the Seaview Project.

Bed time story at The Big Sleep Photo John Stiles

Bed time story at The Big Sleep Photo John Stiles

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