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TONIGHT! (Wed 2 June) Art On Fire!

Tonight Francis Viner, Patrick Kealey and Sam Sharples aspire to catalyse, inspire and create community communication with their pop-up film and connection event, ‘Arts On Fire’. Communication with the co-creative community of Hastings and St Leonards – and emanating beyond these boundaries – inclusive of all: artist and non-artist. (We’re all artists underneath it all.) They interviewed a number of creative expressionists, taking the temperature of the times, asking: How are arts creators faring? What keeps them going right now? What inspires and infuriates them in our unfolding pandemic world? What is at the heart of their process? What role does art play in their life? HOT’s Zelly Restorick asked Patrick Kealey for more details.



WEDNESDAY 2 JUNE 2021 at 7.30pm. (Arrive @ 7pm) 

The film will be shown to a live audience, followed by a discussion and Q and A. Tickets are free from Eventbrite and you can register via the event page for ‘Art on Fire’ on Facebook or via ‘Eventbrite direct‘.

To create the catalyst of ‘Arts On Fire’, Theatre Nation interviewed a comedian, a visual artist, a musician, a writer, a creative workshop facilitator, a drag Queen, a theatre director, and an arts administrator’. Their answers will be the heart of this pop-up art event. Part manifesto. Part provocation. Part public forum.

You too can have your say! Art has the power to change the world. What fuels art right now in a time of restriction? How do artists respond to the times?

The team of Frances Viner (director/visual artist), Sam Sharples (film maker/editor) and Patrick Kealey (writer/director/performer) came together to ask ourselves: ‘How do artists respond to the times we live in?’

The pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us, obliging us to ask core fundamental questions about ourselves and the world. Creative artists are no exception, finding themselves unable to perform live or present their work in embodied spaces and confined on the whole to the digital world.

As creative artists themselves – and after many conversations together – Frances, Sam and Patrick looked deeply into how they wanted to explore what these extraordinary times might mean for all creative practitioners.

They sensed that a hunger to tell our stories would be at the core of this emergence and felt that to emerge from this period of ‘languishing back’ into one of flourishing forward – a deep powerful reboot – would be needed.

The idea for ‘Art on Fire’ is to interview creative practitioners in all fields and disciplines, asking them to share their personal stories and creative journeys. The ones that urgently want and need to be told right now – including the ones we may not yet even be aware of. Each interviewee was filmed – and the result is the film, ‘Art on Fire’: a testimony to the passion, creativity, resilience, uniqueness and thoughtfulness of each of them.

Frances Viner has for many years been exploring the art of personal narrative as a primary source of creativity, inspiration and self expression, in a series of acclaimed ACE funded projects for her company, Hallucinating Angels.

Film maker, Sam Sharples, has also skilfully evoked a series of portraits of these remarkable artists, as they reveal their personal stories.

Patrick Kealey is an actor, director, writer and part of Theatre Nation: Creative: Community: Collaboration.

All are local, reside and live to the full in Hastings and St Leonards, catalysing the spirit of creative expression wherever they go.

*** HOT Ed: Mask workshop removed, as plans changed after posting this article.

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Posted 12:59 Wednesday, Jun 2, 2021 In: Arts News

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