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Sacred geometry guides tattoo creator

Complex tattoos are nothing new these days, but HOT reporter Rebecca Snotflower found her imagination fired by the designs based on sacred geometry offered by a tattooist in Bexhill.


As I enter Inkscape Tattoo Studio, it’s clear that I am stepping into no ordinary tattoo studio. With double-fronted glass windows, the space is flooded with daylight through the greenery from the trees outside. The new fully licensed studio is bright and free from clutter, and feels more like a meditative space or art gallery, far from the ageing cliché of an ink-slinger’s backstreet grot-hole.

There is no sign of hectic collections of walk-in flash designs, instead I find a stylish and intimate customer’s waiting area, with a coffee table reference library for inspiration, a portfolio of one-off, ready-to-go art, and a digital screen displaying completed and ongoing work from the artist at Inkscape’s helm, Lou Lou.

With five years’ tattooing experience under her belt, and many more successful years creating her mirror art – fantasy-themed images painted onto mirror – her passion and focus now lie in the domain of sacred geometry.

The definition of sacred geometry is wonderfully complex from a certain angle and hard to condense, yet it’s so simple – the mathematical forms are present in all aspects of life, nature, art, architecture and music.

What we are talking about here are Lou Lou’s personally created designs, kaleidoscopic forms based on Indian henna mehndi, dotwork, mandalas and all elaborations on the repeating, geometric, tesselating, beautiful possibilities which all connect to sacred geometry.

Lou Lou explains to me her studio’s ethos, the maxim scribed on the outside of the shop which says it all: Create The Tattoo You’ll Love Forever.

The consultation time she spends with every customer is vital to each design’s conception. This time will include Lou Lou using specialized computer programmes to generate various choices for the final image. She will also photograph a person’s bare skin and photoshop the finished design on, so the tattoo wearer can try it before they commit to the needle!

“My art is a huge passion and I want to create the best piece for the client, so time is not an issue and lots of time is spent back-and-forthing until it’s perfect,” she says. “Each piece is unique and a joint collaboration.”

The tattoo parlour.

Lou Lou will also create your tattoo design as another art medium if you so wish, such as painting onto mirror or canvas. That is definitely not your bog-standard tattooist service!

My own ongoing artwork with Lou Lou continues to take shape on my skin. I have caught a new tattoo fever, and I appreciate my input being taken seriously by her.

I highly recommend checking out her work, visiting Inkscape and getting some unique ink with Lou Lou, you won’t be disappointed.

Inkscape Tattoo Studio, 8 Terminus Road, Bexhill. Tel 01424 810026, Facebook page.

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