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Terry, Javad and Stuart

Terry, Javad and Stuart

Urgent support for young man to stay in UK

Javad is a young orphaned autistic man, who came to the UK from Iran. Since learning about Javad’s case, Hastings Online Times has supported his wish to stay in the UK with Terry and Stuart Alexander, who three years ago took him into their home and hearts. Having had the threat of deportation hanging over his head for so long, Javad now wants to make another application to the Home Office to be allowed to stay in this country. With this aim and the help of his supporters, Javad is preparing to travel to Liverpool to do this on 22 May and he urgently needs your active and loud support. HOT’s Zelly Restorick writes.

Read HOT’s coverage of Javad’s journey from Iran to the UK in these articles: Save Javad from deportation and Help local family save Javad from deportation and Request for help for Javad

Terry Alexander, who loves and cares for Javad as if he were her own son, has now written to Javad’s supporters about his progress and why our support is so vitally important at this time. If Javad is sent back to Iran, where he has no family or friends or support network, it will not only be a nightmarish situation for him, but also for his surrogate family and friends and supporters in the UK, who would very much miss his presence in their lives.

Javad with friends at Rock A Nore

Javad with friends at Rock A Nore

“Javad is continuing to develop in confidence and talent. I have two beautiful dresses made by him now – and he has several pairs of trousers. His art work is improving steadily. Earlier this month he led a group of musicians in a simple tune on his recorder – I was so proud!

“Javad wishes to make another application to the Home Office to be allowed to stay in this country as he is getting increasingly frustrated with not being allowed to work and sees his life passing him by. We go up to Liverpool to do this on 22nd May.

Javad with Cecile, who was the CEO of Autism Sussex

Javad with Cecile at a leaving celebration

“I am asking you once again if you would be willing to show your support. Thank you for all the letters, etc we’ve had in the past, but now is the time for another push to gain support for Javad to stay in the UK. Please:

Sign and share the petition link with as many people as possible and ask them to sign – and leave a message of support in the comments box.

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Email /write to your local newspaper/media outlet – these have all shown interest in the past:

politics@hastingsindependentpress.co.uk (Attn Kent Barker)

mailto: gem.o’reilly@bbc.co.uk

mailto: hastings.observer@jpress.co.uk


Contact your local MP. If in Hastings and Rye, Home Secretary Amber Rudd is ours.

“If you would be able to do this in the next month it would give us time to collate everything. Please let me know if you get something published, so I can include a copy in his file.”

Javad, Terry, Stuart and all of his supporters are very grateful and appreciative of your support.


Posted 11:53 Monday, Mar 19, 2018 In: Hastings People

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  1. Jacqueline Oxbury

    Over the three years I have known Javad he has grown into a happy, caring young man. In the loving environment created for him by Terry and Stuart he has been able to develop his talents – sewing, design, cooking and music. These gifts will enable Javad to earn a living and become a useful, caring member of the community. I am lucky to be regarded as one of his friends and I would be devastated if he were forced to leave this country – as would Terry, Stuart and all our friends. This young man deserves the opportunity to live the happy, secure family life the U.K. can offer him. Please allow him to stay.

    Comment by Jacqueline Oxbury — Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 @ 11:40

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