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Sound practitioner, Carolina Baranski. Veronique Leplat photography

Soothing Sounds

‘Celebrating unity through voice and sacred sounds’, the Sounding Cosmos II – Sacred Sound Bath event offered by Carolina Baranski and Maa Shaker was as soothing and healing as they promised. The hall at St John’s Church in St Leonards was filled with participants, who happily surrendered themselves to the powerful vibrations and healing sounds of these skilled practitioners. HOT’s Zelly Restorick writes.

As one of the participants, (I paid for my own ticket, just so’s you know this isn’t a sponsored advertorial), I can highly recommend Carolina’s events and sessions, which are clearly embed with much care, love, kindness and good intention. The room was beautifully scented with incense and candles burned around the Crystal & Himalayan bowls, gongs, drums, bells, chimes and tuning forks, creating a gentle, welcoming atmosphere.

Sacred Sound Bath event

Screen shot from film of Sacred Sound Bath event

Lying, sitting, meditating, moving or painting with artist, Christina Macadam: we were invited to participate in any way we wished. I chose to move, in the ‘now’ moment, responding to and interpreting the sounds and voices with my body – and was happy when a young girl dressed in a yellow dinosaur suit also joined in by moving around the room.



Maa Shaker guided us through different emotional experiences, whilst Carolina skilfully used her singing bowls and walked around us, using various percussion instruments, some of which many of us had never seen before.

We were also encouraged to join in with our voices, accompanying and sounding alongside Maa Shaker, from whose throat emerged amazingly powerful shamanistic sounds and songs of harmony. Encouraging myself to move beyond my nerves and inhibitions, I too used my voice – and when others joined in, tears sprang into my eyes as I felt taken back to ancestral times, when we must have used our voices much more freely to communicate with each other, beyond words.

Much gratitude and appreciation to Carolina and Maa Shaker for their loving care, skill and gentle guidance.

Sounds of GraceCarolina Baranski: Sounds of Grace: “Vibration is simply everything, including you”, says Carolina. “By exposing the mind and body to specific sacred sound frequencies, you can be aligned with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the universe, achieving a greater sense of wholeness, balance and deep healing in all levels – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – providing an integral wellbeing beyond words.”

Maa Shaker: Transformation Through Sound: “I love working with sound”, says Maa Shaker “and have been encouraged by the profound effect that it has on clients who I’ve been blessed to work with over the years.”

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