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Pelham Crescent c1910 - we believe this photo was used for a halfpenny stamp (West Marina to Hastings Pier FB Page)

Pelham Crescent c1910

Town centre conservation proposals

Hastings Borough Council is consulting on changes to the town centre conservation areas. Your chance to get involved.

Cllr Kim Forward, lead member for planning, explained :- “We are proposing combining a number of existing conservation areas in Hastings town centre to a single area, together with a number of new extensions.

“In addition, we are recommending a number of initiatives for managing the new area.

“We are encouraging everyone who lives or works in, or visits, our town centre to let us have their comments on our proposals. The consultation period will close on Friday 21 July.”

To find out more, including how and where to submit comments, visit the Council’s website: Hastings Council Conservation Area Consultation.

From HBC’s website

“Conservation Areas are areas of special architectural and historic interest which should be preserved or enhanced. Although conservation areas mean some extra planning controls and considerations, these exist to protect the historic and architechtural elements which make the place special. The aim in exercising these contols is to ensure that what makes the area special is not harmed by proposed changes. They are most likely to affect owners who want to work on the outside of their building or any trees on their property.

“We have been reviewing the existing Hastings Town Centre, the White Rock and part of the Old Town conservation areas (including Hastings Castle, the Pelham group of buildings and Wellington Square).

“Our new draft appraisal provides a description of the historical development and significance of these areas and important features that should be protected. The draft document proposes the amalgamation of these existing conservation areas as well as proposing boundary extensions. The appraisal process has also helped inform the Management Plan, which sets out steps that might need to be taken to maintain the special interest of the area.”

To find out more, including how and where to submit comments, visit the Council’s website: Hastings Council Conservation Area Consultation.

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  1. Ms.Doubtfire

    This consultation is somewhere in the region of 60 pages – any chance of getting hold of a hard copy – its very difficult to properly comment on something by scrolling back and forth on a PC. Most off putting but maybe this is the idea. Make these consultations as user un friendly as possible and everything will be fine!!! Few comments so everyone must think what ever is proposed is a jolly good idea chaps.

    Comment by Ms.Doubtfire — Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 @ 09:32

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