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A Mental Health Journey By ‘Divergent’

Hastings, a typical coastal town, picturesque, calming and yet for all its advantages, the resources and availability of assistance for those encountering mental health issues is severely challenging. This assistance is also counter productive to the point of absurd stagnation, and in many cases causes deliberate confusion.

The ‘band aid’ mentality of medicating any and all subjects, to both suppress and promote a docile and slow reaction, is not a solution – but has become the accepted form of treatment by both the administrator and receiver.

The organisations responsible for the much needed financial and resource infrastructure have been shackled through various machinations from government downwards to local areas and in most cases deliberately directed to avoid, sidestep, prolong – and in a number of cases – to refuse or fictionalise an individual’s obvious condition.

Having said this, reaching and obtaining these needed resources that are available, means going beyond the ‘off the shelf’ attitude of lethargy that has also become prominent, as well as epidemic, in English society.

The subject of this lethargy requires more time and space to explore in clearly defined terms, especially given that resources are often deliberately complex to create confusion and delivered in a scattergun type of approach.

There are a small group of worthwhile organisations of note, and individuals that work within them,  who are aware of such politicking and Machiavellian manoeuvring – and who are more than capable of reaching the nucleus of the problem. They can and do provide a direction to solve many issues concerning mental health problems, benefit appeals, homelessness and so on.

HARC: PIP applications and appeals 01424 428275

BHT: Housing and accommodation issues. 01424 452610

The Seaview Project:  01424 717981
Though known as a place for assistance to homeless people, it has individuals who have extensive knowledge and experience on a range of issues. They can positively advise and direct you to something more, and have a more than ‘a pass the buck’ attitude, where you can actually achieve some forward progress.

Aspirations (Porchlight): 0333 880 2730
Though new to Hastings and East Sussex, this is an organization worthy of  mention. The East Sussex Division is run and coordinated by Matt Davey, a highly effective and capable individual, proficient and familiar with mental health issues and conditions. The organization itself assists people by utilising a wide range of resources and quickly putting them to use, to allow those with a mental health condition to find an immediate pathway that goes far beyond the off the shelf, one tonic solves all attitude endemic with nearly all other organisations.

I do believe that though you can receive assistance and guidance to better combat the duality of the system, where any hope seems void and empty, recovery and the path to stability needs to begin with the individual themselves, rather than relying on easy answers and unreliable support.

If you expect everything to be done for you then you are maybe not ready for change, and you should move on leaving these organisations to assist real individuals in real need.

Posted 23:33 Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 In: Health Matters