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Image: Petr Kratochvil

Image: Petr Kratochvil

Catalysing economic change

Join the movement to create a fairer, more thoughtful economic system. Word is spreading that an alternative, local financial system is entirely possible: it’s already happening in other parts of this country and around the globe, so why not here? HOT’s Zelly Restorick encourages your active involvement and participation – and to not underestimate your individual personal power to change things for the better. 

Come along to our next meeting at The White Rock Hotel at 6pm on Tuesday 30 October. Now is the time for thoughtful, heartfelt, collaborative, active participation and response to a critical situation. We are all part of the connective web of life – and we can all do something.

Do you feel our current economic system is fit for purpose? Is it out of date and in need of a re-examination? Could it be fairer, more egalitarian and sustainable? Alternative and commentary systems are already in existence, although one wouldn’t necessarily know this from the mainstream messages we are fed from a myriad of sources.

Our current system in the UK is based on constant growth, accumulation of wealth, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), seeing every living entity (human and non-human) and resource as a commodity with a financial price tag attached.

This system is so well established, many of us aren’t even aware that other systems are possible or exist. This is not by accident, but with conscious intent. As one person at the meeting said: “There are some nasty people out there.”

However, thankfully, there are also – in every sphere. echelon and hierarchy of our lives – thoughtful, caring, fair-minded, good people.


Local action group

The Hastings Doughnut Economics Action Group began as part of Lee Humphries’ / Printed Matter Bookshop’s Radical Book Group, reading Kate Raworth’s book, Doughnut Economics. The number of people involved has steadily increased as the weeks have passed – and now we want to open the group up for others to join – and we invite you to come along and be part of the change.

We need you, your energy, ideas, time, enthusiasm, presence, skills, talents, qualities unique to you!

Your contribution and involvement matters

Maybe you think that your individual contribution won’t make a difference?

We might think that 1p wouldn’t make much of a difference. But imagine asking for a single 1p from every citizen in Hastings and St Leonards on Sea (90,000 based on the 2011 census): =  £900.

For a week: £6,300.

For a year: £46,800.

Now transfer this metaphor to small individual actions – and see how they might mount up and create huge positive change.


Putting the humanity back into being human

At our last meeting, (15 October), we spoke about:

Seeking our common ground and the needs we all share rather than focussing on our differences

Human rights

How profit-making appears to be the main focus for many people

Our shared humanity, looking people in the eyes and seeing a fellow soul

The despair, rage, numbness, overwhelm, helplessness and hopelessness we feel at what is happening around us

The increasing numbers of homeless people – and the increasing cost of housing

Taking action, building positive resilience, re-educating ourselves

How the established system of ‘Neo-Liberal’ economics is perpetuated through schools and universities via the set curriculum – and how this pattern is being broken around the world by students

How we want to involve young people

Not being taken in/hoodwinked by the media, spin and corporate and government propaganda

Being thoughtful and discerning in our life choices, aware that with every decision and choice there are far-reaching repercussions

Having our minds and bodies abused and poisoned by advertisers and marketeers, perpetuating the consumerism message

Alternative measurements to GDP – based on ecological factors, well-being and thriving communities

Collaboration, co-operation and collective action

The power of the people – individuals and groups – uniting

How we want to be involved in creating changes in this town – not be passive, compliant, obsequious, subservient, submissive, non-questioning, obedient ‘plebeians’, ‘proletarians’, ‘pawns in someone else’s game’

Our individual extinction and the threat to humanity’s existence

The millions of people around the planet who are currently suffering from mental and physical ill-health as a natural response to the lifestyles we are leading and the planet’s conditions

How power can be intoxicating and an aphrodisiac for some

How we need to learn when ‘enough is enough’

Alternative currencies

Talking/Listening cafes and spaces – to decrease our sense of isolation and loneliness

The need for quantum/paradigm shifts to tackle the very real challenges that we face – locally and globally.

The myriad established groups in the town determined to create a fairer system – and how there is no need to feel alone and helpless

Us all being able to make a meaningful, positive difference – as individuals and collectively.

What we can do – to transition this town to a more thriving, healthier, fairer, sustainable economic system

Does any of this resonate for you? Yes? Then come along to our next meeting at The White Rock Hotel at 6pm on Tuesday 30 October. Now is the time for thoughtful, heartfelt, collaborative, active participation and response to a critical situation. We are all part of the connective web of life – and we can all do something.

“Only when the last tree has died
And the last river been poisoned 

And the last fish been caught 

Will we realise we cannot eat money
Cree Indian Proverb

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