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From the site, Water Powered Car

From the website.

Energy genius!

Around the world, people are using their genius and brilliance in science, technology and design to produce some amazing sustainable and energy-wise developments. I know they’re not Hastings-based, but it’s good to know that steps are being taken globally to find alternative solutions to some of the world’s dilemmas. Hope-instilling! HOT’s Zelly Restorick shares the research she’s found lately with Energy Wise readers.

Water-powered cars

Petrol. Diesel. Electric. Now water?

Indiana University scientists have built a highly efficient bio-material that can serve as a catalyst for hydrogen production. This material takes us halfway towards the long sought-after ‘holy grail’ of splitting water to make hydrogen and oxygen for fuelling cheap and efficient cars that run on water.

Source: ZME Science : Self assembling nano material brings us tangibly close to water-powered cars, by Alexandru Micu.

Another interesting site: Water Powered Car.

Water dune buggy Water Powered Car website

Water dune buggy: Water Powered Car website

Energy storage hardware price drops

GreenTechMedia analysis forecasts that energy storage systems, like large density batteries, will become a lot cheaper in the coming years. According to the report, the cost of installing an energy storage system will drop by some 41% by 2020. Energy storage is tightly linked with renewable energy generation, driving a lower cost overall for clean energy.

Source: ZME Science: Energy storage hardware cost to drop 41% by 2020, further accelerating clean tech by Tibi Puiu 

Source: Design News: Renewable energy’s secret weapon, by Charles Murray.

Image via inhabitat

Image via inhabitat

Solar heated clothing

Sharing Energy Wise stories. Think how this could help all of us who feel the cold! Let the sun heat up our clothes and our bodies. Something for all the Hastings and St Leonards clothes designers to explore!

“MIT scientists have developed a material that can absorb solar energy, store and release it on demand to produce heat. Made from a film of polymer, the material could be used to tailor cold climate garments that charge up during the day and keep you pleasantly warm in the evening.

“The polymer weave absorbs energy from the sun’s rays and stores it through chemical reactions within a transparent film. The material contains certain molecules that move into a ‘charged position’ when exposed to sunlight.”

Source: ZME Science: MIT polymer paves the way for solar-heated clothes by Alexandru Micu.

If you hear about any amazing developments and breakthroughs in the field of renewable, sustainable energy, please let me know. Thanks. Zelly

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Posted 13:11 Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016 In: Energy Wise

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