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Be realistic, plan for a miracle

Edd is a local slam poet. Waiting for a takeaway curry, HOT’s Zelly Restorick overheard Edd reading out one of his poems to a napkin-folding friend and found what she heard to be ear-catching. Impressed, Zelly asked him for a copy of the poem to share with you here.

Slam Poetry, according to the online Urban Dictionary is a type of poetry ‘expressing a person’s personal story and or struggle in an intensely emotional style. Very powerful, moving and sincere’.

I asked Edd, who seems very humble about his talent, to tell us a little bit about himself: “I’m a person on a journey through life,” says Edd, “playing with all forms of expression as a means of inspiring people to achieve whatever it is they want in life. I use poetry as a means of broaching subjects, ideas and concepts that people don’t encounter in day-to-day life with the purpose of getting people to question the paradigms of their life”.

Be realistic, plan for a miracle                                                                                                 A poem by Edd

Be realistic
Plan for a miracle
Love your life material and spiritual
Find your path and give it to the people
Don’t judge events everything’s equal
Atoms are both wave and particle
It’s more poignant than just an article
Uni, verse, single song, complementing the 8
It’s journey will be long
Harmonizing with the sound of the gong
University might have it all wrong,
It’s not about learning much
But un-learning much that’s the crutch
To loose as such
All the conditioning
Parental mind imprinting
All we see and that’s written
Social design predicting
The treasure inside stays hidden
Thoughts are physical
We’re bound by the lyrical
In ties of lies and un-lived lives
With tiny spies through God’s own eyes
Follow the wise on the journey inside
And through the noise
Silence will rise
The witness surfs the cosmic vibes
And reaches goals with giant strides
The truth isn’t waiting on the outside
It’s something inside that we realise.
And the less people know the more stubbornly they know it
Don’t move the way fear makes you move
Move the way joy makes you move
I call it the love bug grove win or loose
It’s the perception we choose
Happiness is the shadow of harmony
Wherever there is harmony happiness will be
Look at the trees, the birds, the bees
In nature’s harmony happiness seeds
The tree will never be pop star
Impress its parents or travel far
Nor will a large bank balance accompany a star
But their happiness is visible even from afar
Just look at a flower and see it’s smile
It doesn’t question itself
With innocence of a child
So be wild
Enlightenment is not an achievement
It is realising their is nothing to achieve
So be free
Believe perfection has already been achieved To move with love
Is to be conscious of the beauty of our surroundings
The precious synergy with the micro is astounding
Thoughts, words and deeds are the threads of the net we throw around us
When you love something appreciate
The picked flower will depreciate
Change shape an altered state
Love isn’t position, it’s a when we appreciate
The beauty of us
The micro cosmic love buzz
The quantum rough stuff
So make your motivation love
Don’t be afraid to hug
There is no God above
He is the fabric of stuff
A Morphic field of love
So here is a message I give to you
Regardless of race, faith, shape or taste
I appreciate you
So do what you do
Until you realise in the depth of your life
Work’s not strife
It should be your purpose and purpose is truth
When motivated by love it has met its proper use
Believe in the dreams of your youth
Never judge a man you’ve not walked in his shoes
Perspective’s key to controlling good news
Even the negative has alternate positive views
Opportunity should never be refused
In every adversity is a seed of opportunity
That will benefit the whole community,
Only selfless acts are acts of purity
Don’t let the ego attach
To a positive act
It’s the minds trap
To keep you in wrapped
But no-one can take more than one step at a time.

Edd the poet. Photo with permission by Edd

Edd the poet. Photo with permission by Edd

Posted 15:44 Sunday, Aug 16, 2015 In: Poetry

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