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Documenting the Trump effect

Which Way the Wind Blows is the title of Su Bishop’s upcoming exhibition at Zoom Arts’ Warrior Square station gallery. The exhibition was born from her time in Chicago during the hot summer of 2016 during Donald Trump’s ultimately successful presidential election campaign, as Su explains.

My images represent the vast and charismatic diversity of living America.

Since the election of Trump, there is a despondency in the air which has reverberated around the world. I feel a social responsibility to respond through this exhibition.

su3My images depict in this pre-Trump election era the power, hope and strength held within the faces of my subjects. Now America will need to draw upon these virtues as the world faces this uncertain climate. Remembering, whoever we are or wherever we are from, we are all worthy of being treated equally.

It is in a busy crowd we disappear as passersby. Yet as individuals we all have the right to a say.

Although we only expose a small glimpse of our true selves before our door is closed, still the camera every now and then is capable of capturing that elusive identity, highlighting the evanescent relationship between the camera and subject through the lens.



Which Way the Wind Blows  Exhibition of photographs by Su Bishop at Zoom Arts Gallery, St Leonards Warrior Square station, Kings Road TN37 6BS. Daily from 26 March until 1 April, 10.30am-16.30pm.

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