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Edinburgh Previews at The Printworks.

Aidan Goatley

Aidan Goatley

Total Comedy presented three stand-up comedians at the Printworks.  All had different experiences of performing live, reports HOT’s Bevali Francis.

The audience was undeniably small but, as it was a Hastings crowd, perfectly formed.

First up to take the stage was Ian Smith who, considering the audience had not yet drunk their first drink, made us laugh. He was nervous; Hastings is a tough place when you’re used to London! But he did himself proud and  made us laugh, and he could even have ditched his notes as his ad lib was so good.

Tania Edwards followed; her entrance was confident and full of promise. She had a good stage presence but seemed to be unnerved by the intimate audience. We were enjoying her performance but nerves crept in and her pace suffered. She kept teasing us with jokes she was going to tell and then for some reason backed away from them. Tania, we wanted to hear what you had and we were willing you to go on.

Finally a  comedian from Brighton emerged, unadvertised, on the stage. Aidan Goatley stole the show firstly by flattering his small audience. This comedian had already got lots of Edinburgh shows under his belt and was definitely the more confident performer. His reactions to the audience were quick and we responded with belly laughs all the way. I would most definitely go to see him again. Aidan will be performing two different shows in Edinburgh, one called 10 Films with Dad and Aidan Goatley On The Mend. If I heard correctly he only has 52 shows to do! Go Aidan!

Kim Dolman, the man responsible for the evening, really wants to bring brilliant comedy to Hastings, and he did a good job introducing the acts. One small piece of advice to all the comedians – don’t make the mistake of saying Hastings is small sleepy town with a bad reputation because we will heckle you and tell you otherwise, unless of course your audience happens to be Amber Rudd!

 I am really looking forward to the next tranche of Previews on the 12 July featuring Frank Sanazi and Sean McGloughlin. The Printworks is an ideally intimate venue and, if you missed the fun tonight, you really should not miss the next one.  Make sure you are at the Printworks, 14 Claremont, on the 12 July.

After all laughing does you good.

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