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Filage with Sur Mesure

Fillage with Sur Mesure

Fillage at The Stade

Fillage: By the sea is where you find it; Only you know what you seek. HBC’s Barbara Browning writes. Come to the Stade for the first Coasters touring network circus inspired event as part of Hastings Borough Council “Stade Saturdays”. All events are enjoyed free of charge.

Fillage is a spectacle where interaction between circus and music is the key. Performed by Sur Mesure, a Belgian collective of acrobats and musicians, Fillage is a thrilling but gently surreal mix of southern swing and trampoline, the Andrews Sisters and acrobatics, with more than a nod to sixties Californian swim wear styles. Unmissable, cool fun for all the family, this event is supported by Arts Council England.

A combination of trampoline, acrobatics and juggling is composed to live music creating a living artwork that triggers the imagination.

Musician and acrobats share the stage, creating shared focal points for both music and circus. Eight people take a leap into the unknown, meeting each other on the edge of their creativity and helping each other to find happiness.

Fillage by Sur Mesure : Stade Saturdays : Saturday 12 August 4.30 and 7.30pm.

Sur Mesure is a collective consisting of musicians, instrument manufacturers, woodworkers and circus artists come together to inspire and support new and innovative creations.

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