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Binsted Woods website:

Binsted Woods threatened

Yes the Binsted Woods complex is under threat again. Not local to us around here, I know, writes HOT’s Zelly Restorick, but awareness of how many tree-loving individuals and groups there are who read this publication – and the fact that it’s possible to take action to stop the development – have catalysed me to post this article. The Protect Our Woodland group sent me details of the campaign, raising awareness of this threat to the woodland.

“A nasty road scheme has returned to threaten massive destruction in the last remaining block of ancient woodland on the coastal plain of Southern England.

“The plan, part of a massive upgrade to the trunk road along the south coast is just one of a number of schemes announced in 2014 . Although the Chichester one was initially cancelled due to the local community rejecting it in a consultation organised by Highways England, the County Council are presently touring the Parish councils to drum up support for a modified scheme to be introduced.

“At Worthing their consultation is due to finish 12 September and for Arundel it will continue until 16 October.

“We fail to understand how anyone could support the wanton destruction that would occur in Binsted Woods – or any of the Arundel A27 options Highways England (HE) has put forward. Clearly their only purpose is to create even more road space for through traffic to fill again.”

Please reject all the options via the A27 Arundel Bypass. If you don’t like filling in forms, please write a short e-mail to:

Link to Meridian News clip on Arundel Bypass.

Free guided walk

“There will be a free guided walk through the wonderful Arundel countryside by knowledgeable local folk to visualise the damage the proposed road schemes will do to ancient woodland etc around Binsted.

“Meeting Sunday 17 September near the junction of Dalloway Road and Torton Hill Road at 10.30am, the walk will take about 1 hour, longer if a stop for refreshments is made. Dogs on leads and children are welcome.

“We would just add that the options put forward in the questionnaire published by Highways England have been circulated far and wide. Therefore as its likely many without connections to the area will readily opt for a new road and say so in the consultation, it makes it all the more vital all countryside lovers know about this walk and see what we are likely to loose. Will you therefore please share this invitation?”


These animations show clearly what is happening:
Option 5A
Option 3
Option 1

“For a description of all the options, technical details and questionnaire click: A27 Arundel Bypass. If like us you feel road building is not the answer you can say so, or tick the No Option box in the questionnaire. Instead of filling in a questionnaire, write to:

Options in detail

The Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee has eloquently put forward the clear case for rejecting option 5A, however we think there is a compelling case to reject the remainder.

“Like option 5A, option 3 (Through Binsted Woods (Tortington Common) is also a dual 2 lane carriageway designed to 100kph standard. It also requires two new over-bridges at the River Arun and Arun Valley Railway. These alien structures crossing the Arun Valley will not only be a blot on a cherished landscape, they will scar the priceless setting of historic Arundel.

“Option 3 then deviates from 5A to bulldoze a 250 metre wide gouge through the irreplaceable ancient woodland complex. This option then requires four new under-bridges (Bridges in an ancient wood!) at Old Scotland Lane, Binsted Lane, Tortington Lane and Ford Road to complete the destruction of this tranquil corner of English countryside, before rejoining the A27 near Havenwood Park.
Option 1 and the last option given by HE, is also a new offline two lane dual carriageway from the Crossbush Junction. In this case it will join the existing Arundel Bypass east of the Ford road roundabout. It too requires new over-bridges at the railway and River Arun, again clearly both alien structures in a historic landscape.

From the Ford Road Roundabout the single 2 lane A27 Hospital Hill will be dualled and join the existing dualled road west of The White Swan.

Just like Chichester and Worthing – Lancing, the Arundel scheme is about one thing and that of course is through traffic. By spending vast sums on these grandiose pollution creating schemes there is no money is left to repair existing roads, spent on public transport or cycling.

If we really want to move people and goods around more reliably and efficiently, those who can use other modes than the car must be encouraged to do so by providing an alternative and thus freeing up road space for those who must drive.

Please reject all the options. If you don’t like filling in forms, write a short e-mail to:

Posted 15:32 Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017 In: Campaigns


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  1. Julia Oak

    Option 1 will only move the congestion from Crossbush to the Ford roundabout. It will Isolate 120 homes from accessing the town, GP and a primary school. There is insufficient space to build a flyover/ underpass due to the proximity of the river to the roundabout.
    All options are ecologically devastation. The Arun Valley is the only Green Corridor in West sussex and home to many RSPB Red LIst birds and Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 Birds.
    The only sane option is to build a tunnel

    Comment by Julia Oak — Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 @ 21:01

  2. Chris Lewcock

    Option 1 would make the most sense if they put the A27 vehicles on a flyover across the Ford roundabout rather creating an unusable pedestrian structure.

    Comment by Chris Lewcock — Thursday, Sep 14, 2017 @ 16:58

  3. Ms.Doubtfire

    The Woodland Trust needs to know about this pdq.

    Comment by Ms.Doubtfire — Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017 @ 20:59

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