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Jeremy Corbyn addressing the rally in Warrior Square in July 2017

Jeremy Corbyn addressing the rally in Warrior Square in July 2017

Corbyn in Hastings to consult about NHS and social care

On Thursday 17 January, Hastings will host a consultation event to feed into Labour Party policy. The subject will be the NHS and social care. There will be two parts to the event – a rally at 10am with addresses by Jeremy Corbyn and other speakers, followed by a more focused consultation event in the afternoon. Local Labour Party member Erica Smith reports.

As I write, Parliament is getting ready to hear the result of Jeremy Corbyn’s motion of no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government. Whatever the result, Hastings Labour Party is getting ready to greet the Leader of the Opposition tomorrow morning for a People Powered Rally and Mass Meeting.00Corbyn

When Corbyn came to town in July 2017 he addressed a rally of thousands in Warrior Square. The venue for tomorrow’s rally from 10am to noon is still not in the public domain, but residents can book a place by following this link. The rally will be followed by a mass meeting where an invited audience will be asked to share their experiences of and ideas to improve the NHS and social care provision. The format of the meeting is expected to be similar to last July’s John McDonnell event about the economy which informed Labour Party policy.

00PeterChowneyPage2-62I asked Hastings Borough Council leader Peter Chowney – who is also the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye – if he was expecting the vote of no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government to be supported. He said, “I think it’s unlikely to succeed because the Conservative Party doesn’t want a general election. Corbyn was under pressure to table the vote because last night the Government was defeated by the largest majority ever.”

It remains to be seen if the no confidence motion will lead to a General Election being announced immediately. If it does, Hastings will be the first town to hear an election address from the leader of the Labour Party.


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