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Photo HBC

West Hill funicular railway Photo HBC

Funicular icicles not seen in 20 years

It’s not just Network Rail who have icicles in their tunnels! Over the last few days, temperatures have remained below freezing and ironically, on the first day of its summer opening programme, which starts on 1 March, long icicles have formed inside the tunnel of Hastings’ West Hill Lift, a 126 year old funicular railway which is still in operation.

Icicles like this have not been seen here for over 20 years.

Photos show the icicles inside the tunnel, with the original wooden Victorian carriages behind. The lift carries passengers from the seafront through the West Hill to Hastings Castle.

West Hill funicular railway Photo HBC

Posted 19:59 Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 In: Home Ground

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