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Jo Moon 1964–2016

Erica Smith

00jomoonJo Moon (also Monks) was a storyteller and therapist. She left Hastings about four years ago to start a new life in a community in Somerset. Sadly, about two years ago she discovered she had breast cancer and, in true Jo style, decided to treat it using alternative therapies. She was fighting the illness and was determined to live till the very end. Unfortunately circumstances around her made it too difficult to carry on and she left this world last month. Her funeral was on 28 October.

I found out about Jo’s death through Emily Johns. Emily’s aunt, Sarah Evans, lives in the house in Carisbrooke Road that Jo used to live in. Last week she hosted a day for friends of Jo’s to remember her. I am sure there are still many people in Hastings who knew Jo, but haven’t yet heard the sad news, and I felt it would be a good idea to pay a short tribute to her in Hastings Online Times.

When I first met Jo she was making films and used to enter the Hastings Film Challenge. She was also a storyteller and worked on a very psychic level. I remember a Hastings Creatives networking meeting in 2011 when she explained how she tells her stories with the help of angels. She was sitting next to a very upright graphic designer. Afterwards I asked the designer if he had felt uncomfortable. He smiled and said he’d enjoyed Jo’s contribution. He described her as ‘good local colour’. Since then, I’ve always thought of Jo as ‘good local colour’. I don’t think she would mind that description – colour was important to Jo.

Jo was also a keen Freecycler and I remember passing a giant tent gleaned from Glastonbury onto her. It was so big I used to call it Buckingham Palace. Some time after I gave it to her, she emailed me: “Just to let you know that the orange and turquoise tent was fantastic at the Green Gathering! It is the first time I have used it. I had to scrap my van before we went away and as a result I could not take my yurt as I would normally do. The tent was not too heavy to carry on a coach and it made the perfect space for storytelling! People seemed to love the environment and there was plenty of space for a small group. It was light because of the colours and generally spacious.” I’m glad the tent found its purpose with Jo.

I am sure other people have Jo memories to share. Please feel free to add them as comments under this article.

I asked Jo’s friend Jabeen in Somerset how she would like to be remembered. She said that Jo would like donations to go to Penny Brohn Cancer Help Centre – this is the place that helped her the most.

You may want to explore Jo’s Blogspot and WordPress blogs, and her YouTube channel.

Jo Moon: A photo Jo sent to friend, Zelly Restorick about a year ago.

Jo Moon: A photo Jo sent to friend, Zelly Restorick about a year ago.

Posted 09:26 Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016 In: Hastings People

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  1. Patrick Nicholson

    Thanks for the obituary Erica. I was very sad to hear of Jo´s death. Although we were miles apart in many ways, e.g. spiritual worldview, I always got on very well with Jo and enjoyed her company. She seemed to me a very pure soul out of place in a hard and dirty world. Her calmness and quietness touched me many times.

    Comment by Patrick Nicholson — Sunday, Nov 27, 2016 @ 21:26

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