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Anna Bachène

Bachène and Birch about to zoom into view

Two talented local artists, up-and-coming on the Hastings/St Leonards art scene, bring you an exciting and vibrant mixed media exhibition at the Zoom Arts Gallery. Anna Bachene and Anthony P Birch are no strangers to exhibiting their creations, both very quickly establishing themselves in the world of art, as Zoom reports.

Anna Bachene, London born, has been on the local art scene for six years and a Zoom Arts 1066 member for over half of that time. She firmly established her reputation in the area by creating Collectable Icons along with a friend. Although Icons still play a huge part in her current works, she has swapped from creating small collectable icons to much larger works on canvas. She is famed for using a mixture of techniques ranging from acrylic paint to collage, giving her work vibrancy and texture.

Decametric 3 by Anthony Birch

Decametric 3 by Anthony Birch

Originally from the north east, Anthony P Birch has been a Zoom Arts 1066 member for six months. Completing four years at art school, Anthony has truly found his style. His work is often very structured, resembling architectural drawings, and sometimes with a splash of bright vivid colour; his work certainly stands out.

This exhibition is a must-see and there will be something for everyone as these two artists’ styles contrast beautifully.

The Zoom Arts Group Facebook Page.


Posted 07:47 Friday, Jul 29, 2016 In: Visual Arts

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