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Phil Clemo’s audio-visual project brings Koyanisquatsi into the 21st century

Phil Clemo’s audio-visual project brings Koyaanisquatsi into the 21st century

A breath of fresh air at Kino-Teatr this Friday

Audio-visual artist Phillip Clemo brings his Dream Maps music to Kino-Teatr this Friday. The evening will be a cinematic performance of extraordinary landscapes from around the world– a Koyaanisquatsi for the 21st Century. World class musicians and cutting edge technology are combined to make us experience the familiar as if it’s a brave new world. Erica Smith takes a deep breath and opens her eyes and ears.

Do we lose something when we start to speak and name things? After the birth of his first child, Clemo started looking at the world through fresh eyes. He wanted to explore the wonder of a non-verbal world by filming in an abstract way, and combining the images with music. “We don’t analyse music in the way that we analyse visual and verbal media – we just let it flow into us. I wanted to explore how it would feel if you no longer recognised your world. Could you learn to look in the way you listen to a piece of music? ”

BREATH is a full-length non-verbal documentary which explores the landscapes of life. It includes macro, micro and, until now, 
unseen worlds. As well as using 4K extreme slow motion and thermal imaging filming, innovative camera technology will be used to film the human body at different stages of ageing, exploring human interaction and emotion from startling new perspectives.


Away from the human body, aerial imagery is captured using a highly sophisticated gyro-stabilised Cineflex camera system mounted 
on a helicopter. This material is filmed with diverse approaches to express different moods: from the speed, height and angle of the craft, to the lighting conditions, weather and time of day. Vision Research Phantom camera systems are used, shooting at up to 2000 frames/sec for extreme slow motion 4K and HD high detail imagery of environments such as geothermal fields and waterfalls, volatile chemical reactions, lava fields and the aurora borealis. The images promise to be spectacular.

00DreamMapsThe music is improvised around elements from Clemo’s Dream Maps composition. Clemo uses foot pedals and two laptops in order to synchronise the visuals and the musical sequences. What excited me most about the event is the impressive musical histories of the musicians who will be performing with Philip Clemo on Friday night. Drummer Martyn Barker started his career in Shriekback and has performed with Robet Plant and Goldfrapp, whilst celloist Emily Burridge has worked with George Michael, BJ Cole AND the american avant garde composer Harold Budd! With a line up like that, the evening promises to deliver aural as well as visual delights!

Friday night at Kino-Teatr gives us the opportunity to expect the unexpected. An audio-visual experience for those who like to re-explore the familiar, push boundaries and journey into the unknown!

To find out more about the Breath project, watch Philip Clemo’s TedX talk
or visit his website

Philip Clemo’s Dream Maps Live is at 7.30pm this Friday, 25 August
Kino-Teatr, Norman Road, St Leonards-on-Sea
Tickets are £12 online or on the door.

If you can’t make Friday night, there is a second performance on Saturday in Lewes at the Con Club.

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