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Speed Sisters by Lebanese/Canadian film-maker Amber Fares

Speed Sisters by Lebanese/Canadian film-maker Amber Fares

Amber’s Speed Sisters raises funds for Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign(HPSC) is delighted to bring the film Speed Sisters to Hastings.  It is a free event at the White Rock Hotel at 7pm on Wednesday 30 November. Gill Knight of HPSC tells us why they wanted to screen this surprising film.

This film blasts the stereotypes we have of middle eastern women sky high!  Directed by Lebanese/Canadian film-maker Amber Fares, Speed Sisters, tackles issues such as gender in Palestine, gender in racing and Palestinian life under occupation. It has received many awards and is a shining example of a woman director achieving against all odds. Initially she obtained development money from international film funders and then launched two crowd-funding campaigns two years apart. This provided critical funding for the production and the total crowdfunded was over $130,000 from more than 600 people in 30 different countries.

Asked by Indie Magazine to what drew her  to the story, Amber’s reply was:
“In the aftermath of 9/11, I have wanted to tell a story that would bridge the ever-growing gap between the Arab world and Canada, where my family lived. To put it mildly, perceptions of Arabs in countries like the US and Canada were skewed. When I came across the Speed Sisters, I realized that I found a story that could help bridge that gap. I liked the idea that these women were doing something that was completely unexpected. When people think of Palestine, they don’t normally equate it with race-car driving, let alone women racing. I saw an opportunity for a surprising story from the Middle East that people all over the world could relate to.

“On a personal level, I saw a lot of myself in each of the girls. I also grew up playing a lot of sports, so I could really relate to that element of competition and making a comeback. I could also relate to decisions about love and marriage and friendship, which are obviously universal. This is one of the strengths of the film. We will all see ourselves in at least one of the characters, regardless of if their world is foreign to us.”

Asked what she wanted the audience to go think after seeing the film, she said “Wow, those women are really badass, and they are following their dreams despite the obstacles of life in Palestine.” See the film and prepare to be informed, entertained and inspired!

Speed Sisters is on at the White Rock Hotel, 1–10 White Rock, Hastings  TN34 1JU at 7pm on Wednesday 30 November. The screening is free.
For more information visit the HPSC website or the Facebook page

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