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“Are you a Hot Dog?” I asked. “Who’s Askin’?” “It’s for the Hot Dogs page of The Hottie” I explained.

“Oh, all right then. I was goin’ to ask

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£117 raised at Boxing Day’s Spronkers competition — £18,883 to go!

Hastings Bonfire Society chairman Nick Lynas writes:

This year on 16th October we’ll be celebrating not only the foiling

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“The most exciting political meeting ever”

Congratulations to the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust, which has organised a really effective independent campaign to put the future of the Pier

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A monument to the fishing community

Hastings artist Laetitia Yhap has a national reputation for her paintings of the Hastings fishing beach and its community, combining humble details and workaday

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Observations With Dark Light

Elisabeth Lewis reviews Alexander de Cadenet’s Demi-Monde at F-ISH Gallery, Robertson Street

This is a show about the dark side of life, monde noir. The pictures

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The Making of Eb and Flo

St Leonards based painter and film maker GLENYS X JACQUES made a feature film that became a prize-winning short, to be shown by the

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Scratching a living from Big Issue

It’s tough being homeless in Hastings, and all the more so in times of recession. Joe, 52, sells Big Issue in an attempt to

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AVAAZ: A brilliant one-stop multi-purpose global campaign

If you’re worried about Climate change and the world food crisis, disgusted by the new rise of torture, in despair over the Middle

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