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Image permission Kendal Eaton

Avoiding Earthxit

Will money save our planet? How do we address our climate crisis without waiting for political and corporate engagement? In a series of 3 talks from articles published in International Times, Kendal Eaton will unpack how we can radically address neoliberal economics and the climate emergency far more rapidly, through The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy of the 99%.

“As much as neoliberalism has brought us global human misery, insecurity and destruction of many species and our environment,” says Kendal, “it has also formed an unequalled parallel reality. It has necessitated (and capitalised on) expanded unpaid labour. Countless alternative and complementary systems exist globally, but are not well publicised or joined up. With such corporate and political intransigence that is incredibly imbalanced, unsustainable and non-regenerative, is there a way to connect and broaden this wave of non-monetary options? I’m proposing a fairer system where money simply isn’t involved and refocusses on our innate value as individual human beings, in a way that forms an overwhelming economic force.
“DO you help run an NGO, charity, not-for-profit, voluntary, conservation, green energy, funding or educational organisation? Employers: who could you employ, what could you develop, if you no longer had to pay wages? If the 99% could earn something better than money for everyday work, earning for learning or training as an individual right, what revolution and development in eco-tech, bio-diversity, green energy and carbon neutral industry could you imagine?”
Earth in the balance

Earth in the balance

Avoiding Earthxit: 29 September 2019

3pm: DIVERSION (25mins)

3.45pm: THE FIFTH INDUSTRIAL (ECO) REVOLUTION: Radicalising Incentives (30mins)

4.30pm: MOMENTUM FOR CHANGE: The Parallel Non-Monetary Economy (50mins)

Venue: East Hastings’ Sea Anglers’ Association: The Stade, Rock-A-Nore Rd, Hastings TN34 3FJ (opposite RNLI)

Image permission of Kendal Eaton

Image permission of Kendal Eaton

Image permission Kendal Eaton

Image permission Kendal Eaton

Will Money Save Our Planet?

To restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees by 2030, the processes required must be implemented “within the next 2 years.” John McDonnell (Labour Shadow Chancellor)

Some countries are on target for a 4 degree increase.

Will commercial and political process enable us to prevent the 6th mass extinction of species on earth in time?

What if we can employ all people to engage in this most crucial issue facing mankind, WITHOUT MONEY?

Come along to Kendal Eaton’s talks and explore the concept of a non-monetary based economy. More details on Sustainability on Sea website: Avoiding Earthxit.

Kendal Eaton is available for booking (expenses only). Quote in subject ‘Avoiding Earthxit’ and send to

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