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HOT has been bringing you local news since 2009. Show us you love us!

HOT has been bringing you local news since 2009. Show us you love us!

For the love of HOT

Dear reader, in the name of love for HOT and to keep the good ship HOT afloat, we’re going to come right out and write it out loud: we ask that you consider giving us a donation. Our coffers will soon be bare, so we’re on a mission to raise some funds – and one of the ways to do this on our ‘HOT Plan of Action’ is to ask you, our reader/subscriber for a financial contribution.

We are an online independent publication. We don’t have editors whose strings are being pulled by the people who pay the bills (and whoever pulls their strings). We don’t have advertisers who have a hold on us, saying what we can write about and from which perspective. We get some regular income via Google ads on the bottom left of each page. These ads are informed by your personal browsing history. The local advertisers who do support us understand that their money doesn’t buy special treatment. We choose to work with advertisers who fit in with the HOT ethos of keep it legal, decent, truthful and local!

We feel that HOT reflects Hastings in its rich creativity, location and community. And we add an independent voice and perspective to the local political stage.

We are all very proud of HOT – and we hope you are too.

HOT life, sadly, does not run on love alone, so if you value HOT’s contribution to Hastings and St Leonards, we are asking for your donation, however small or large. Every penny will make a difference. We  have well over 1,000 members on our FREE weekly mailing list, and if each one of those gave us a £2 or £3 donation via PayPal, we’d have enough for our needs. We know not everyone will donate, so if you can afford more than £3, we would really appreciate a larger donation in line with however much you value what HOT does for our town.

If you don’t get our weekly email of new articles, you can subscribe by adding your email address to the window at the top right of the website.

HOT’s simultaneously humble and brazen
request for financial support:

To donate with PayPal, you can click on this button

You can send a cheque to: HOT
Made out to Hastings Online Times
C/o Flat 3, 18 Dane Road, St Leonards-on-Sea  TN38 0QN

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With much gratitude and appreciation for your support!

Team HOT 

The team at HOT all work for free, barring our website guy, who gets a very low hourly rate for the amount of hours he puts in. All the members of the core team put in a lot of hours every week to provide you with the professional news publication that is HOT.

All of the editing, the proofing, the design, the admin, the advertising, the accounts, etc, etc – are done for love of HOT – and we’re happy to carry on that way, but we do have ongoing outgoings – and for this, money is needed.

And if you would like to write stories for HOT, and join our editorial team, that’s another way that you can support what we are doing.

Staying afloat

Via various methods, we want to raise £3,000 – enough money to be able to improve the website – and to carry on doing what we do, which is to provide an excellent standard of independent journalism for Hastings and St Leonards.

If you’re enjoying HOT and would like us to continue providing fair and balanced reporting on local matters please consider making a donation. Click here to open our PayPal donation link.

Thank you for your continued support!

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