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Games at the Albion

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Games at The Albion

Give in to your inner game nerd, writes John Knowles. Say the word ‘board games’ and the immediate image is of family holidays and enforced playing of Monopoly, Scrabble or Cluedo. But oh my friends, there is a world of joy that awaits you in the new world of board games… for a start they don’t all have boards! Discover more at Games at The Albion.

Let’s be honest I’m a bit of a board game nerd; I watch online reviews, read rule books for pleasure and crave games which are only whispered amongst the game players circuit. I’ve even looked at board games costing £100 and thought… “wow, now that’s value!”.

So, if like me you love – let’s call them – ‘table top games’, and if you are tired of having to explain yourself to friends and family (‘You spent how much?!’, then help is at hand, as myself and Andy Tompkins have set up ‘Games at The Albion’ (after a gentle nudge by Albion guv’nor, Bob Tipler).

Games at The Albion

A fortnightly evening of games of all manner. Let me just throw some names at you table top gamers: Fluxx (all manner of variations), King of Tokyo, Hanamikoji, One Night Werewolves, Pandemic, Game of Thrones, Dead of Winter The Long Night, Smash-Up, Sheriff of Nottingham, Guilds of London and yes, even Scrabble, Shove Halfpenny and other traditional pub games.

Most weeks it’s a BYO night, so who knows what games are going to walk through the door. We do also have the occasional themed nights: Retro-Games and Carrom nights to date. We also have some mega games that we want to play, which need bigger groups (Captain Sonar anyone!?).

Most of all we want games and gamers – and the more the merrier!

There’s a warm fire, lots of tables, games from two player to eight player games and more. Some silly games, some brain games, but games, lots and lots of games! Our next session will be 22 January at the Albion Pub in George Street, Hastings. It’s free and it’s fun…

Did I mention there will be games?

Stay in touch with us at:

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