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Launch of 1066 Local Energy at The Stade

Launch of 1066 Local Energy at The Stade

The Big Happy Sun-day

The Big Happy Sun-day, launching the 1066 Local Energy Campaign for Local Energy, was a resounding success, with many visitors from home and wider afield exploring and participating in the various stalls demonstrating how clean, renewable energy makes simple common sense. HOT’s Zelly Restorick reports.

We live in an area that is ideal for clean renewable energy production – and solar energy generation lies at the core of the innovation initiated by 1066 Local Energy, where local people would control their energy use and production, make pricing fair, affordable and inclusive, use their energy efficiently and wisely – and keep any financial profit within the local community rather than, as one person said to me, “lining the pockets of the big energy companies and increasing their profits”. It also makes sense in the light of all we know about climate change and the environment.

1066 Local Energy Team members

1066 Local Energy Team members

I spoke to a lot of people during the event – and no, it wasn’t only the already converted who paid a visit – and all of them, without exception, saw the potential and the sense in clean renewable energy. Many expressed their dismay at the current government’s and corporates’ lack of support, but this may be changing in the near future.

1066 Local Energy representatives signed-up many visitors to pledge their support for the initiative. You can find out more about why this would be an excellent idea for the town here: Why 1066 Local Energy?


1066 Local Energy: A common sense, creative, energy-wise local initiative, helping local people to invest in the re-generation of the town, reduce fuel bills and use energy more efficiently.

Visit 1066 Local Energy to find out more.


The Energise Sussex Coast stall

The Energise Sussex Coast stall

Help with energy bills and energy efficiency

For help with your energy bills, contact Kate Meakin at Energise Sussex Coast via email on” or call 07840 485344.

Help launch 1,066 solar roofs

Contact Kate Meakin on if you are part of an organisation or business with a large roof space, where solar panels could be fitted. Fully funded options available.

“Best possible start”

Richard Watson, the pioneering force behind this initiative said: “We saw so many people on the Sun-day launch and the interest shown in generating our own energy and keeping prices lower has given the 1066 local energy campaign the best possible start”. 

“We just want to thank all our amazing volunteers and helpers who turned up on the day, those who gave us a donation and the children of Sandown Primary School for their lovely artwork,” said Kate Meakin, campaign manager. “Also Matthew from Marks and Spencer in Ravenside for his generous donation of fruit for the smoothie bike.”

SOL Cinema

SOL Cinema

Renewable power

SOL Cinema from Swansea, the world’s smallest mobile solar movie theatre, showed films to audiences throughout the day, fuelled by solar panels, a storage battery and a generator. Children – and adults – played with wind-up racing cars, solar powered boats were created and sailed, mini-windmills were hand-crafted, the smoothie bike powered by cycle power connected to the blender proved what could be done by a simple turn of a human powered wheel (until a broken bike chain sadly prevented further production) and local artist Linda King paraded her solar car, The Volts Wagon, promoting solar energy around the Old Town and the event (see below).

Local partners to the campaign, Energise Sussex Coast and Citizens’ Advice 1066, organisations united in their goal to keep people warm, use energy wisely, reduce fuel poverty and save people money, offered helpful advice on energy bills and energy efficiency to a constant stream of people; ESC also handed out lots of free electricity monitors, solar powered lights and room thermometers.

The BHESCo team

The BHESCo team

Also attending the event were Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op (BHESCo), a not-for-profit social enterprise helping people reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions using renewable energy and efficiency measures. BHESCo shares the aims of 1066 Local Energy: to make their town a more energy efficient place to live, work and visit – and develop a community owned energy supplier generating clean, renewable energy.

1066 Local Energy: a creative, inspired, common sense initiative              for Hastings and St Leonards on Sea.

For previous HOT articles on 1066 Local Energy, search in HOT Blogs under ‘Energy Wise’.

Artist Linda King and her creatively crafted solar car

Artist Linda King and her creatively crafted solar car, the Volts Wagon

Wind powered pin wheels

Wind powered pin wheels



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