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Carolina Baranski at The Kings Road Studio

The healing power of sound

‘Sounds of Grace.’ Liking the sound of these words and drawn to the concept of sound healing, HOT’s Zelly Restorick went along to Kings Road Studio in St Leonards to experience one of Carolina Baranski’s sound therapy sessions. Having enjoyed the experience, she asked Carolina about her connection with sound and how she arrived in Hastings from Brazil.

At the session, Carolina came across as someone who really cared about each person lying on their mat wrapped in a blanket, creating a soothing ambience of candles, incense and a warm room. The affirmations she beats out on her drum, I felt came from her heart and a place of gentleness, sincerity and belief in the power of what she was doing.

Tell HOT a bit about yourself and what drew you to Hastings and the UK from Brazil?

In Brazil I was working in the interior design industry and, wanting to develop my work experience, I worked and studied lighting design in Europe, specifically the UK, hoping to bring this new skill to my practice in Brazil. However, I met my partner and have stayed here ever since. I became a qualified Lighting Designer and was working in this industry until 2012. For over 20 years, Parallel to this life,  I have been studying the mystical and holistic world, communicating & exploring the ‘other side’ in many ways, attending certified holistic Practitioner Level training in many disciplines, including Reiki, Mediumship, Gi-gong, Angelic Ascension, Light Grid Energy, Balinese bio energy meditation & Holistic Voice Therapy at The British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Hasting and St Leonards are the places I feel at home, where people are open and relaxed.

Tell me what drew you to Sound and Voice Therapy?

I had a spiritual awakening in 2012, when I stayed with a group of sound healer friends on the Isle of Lewis at Callanish Stones for two weeks. We were guided by ‘Spirits of Light’ to be in certain places to ‘heal’ this ancestral land and the world’s energetic line-grid. It was so powerful and meaningful to me that I knew I had to follow this career of producing ‘Sounds of Grace’ for the benefit of others. At first, I hadn’t been sure why I was invited to be part of this group of sound healers, but after a few days it was clear to me to follow this soul path calling as a sound therapist, so in 2013 I began my studies at British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Sounds of Grace photo by Veronique Leplat photography @ Kings Road Studio

Sounds of Grace photo by Veronique Leplat photography @ Kings Road Studio

Tell me about the power of sound and how we humans respond.

If you search online you would see 100s of articles on how sound healing affects humans. It is scientifically known that everything in the universe, including humans, vibrates in different frequencies. Vibration is simply everything. By exposing the mind and body to specific healing sound frequencies, we can achieve a greater sense of whole balance and deep healing in all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual; providing an integral wellbeing.

We are being bombarded with damaging frequencies from electronics, processed food, water and so on…. Sound healing frequencies align us with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the universe, giving you inner peace, a sense of feeling safe, home and connected to your true self.

Everyone knows that what we say (voice / sound), think (energy) and what music we listen to have an effect on our mood – and it’s only a small leap to recognize that healing sounds are capable of influencing change, healing and balancing to provide health and wellbeing to the whole mind-body system on many levels. If music can work in this way, why not the healing sounds of a tuning fork or a crystal bowl, attuned to a specific note that resonates with a specific part of our body?

If you listen to calming music, you may relax; if you listen to up-beat music you may feel like dancing…. well… if you listen to healing sound frequencies tuned to specific parts of your body, for sure they will respond to these vibrations accordingly.

Carolina Baranski is offering 1-2-1 Holistic Voice Therapy and Intuitive Sonic Healing Sessions to be booked by appointment, and local regular classes every Friday morning and evening at Kings Road Studio in St Leonards on Sea. She also organizes events in collaboration with musicians and other sound healers in unique and creative ways. More info at Sounds of Grace.

Holistic Sound Medicine
Morning Classes 8:45am.
Book here.

Holistic Sound Medicine
​Evening Classes 7:30pm.
Book here.

An Unique Sonic Duo
Book here.


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