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Thomas Suarez in the West Bank (photo: Sainatee Suarez).

Thomas Suarez in the West Bank (photo: Sainatee Suarez).

Why is the Israel-Palestine conflict so enduring?

One of today’s burning issues is why the Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’ has endured for so long with no resolution in sight. Thomas Suarez, author of a ground-breaking book on the Zionist movement which successfully militated for the creation of the state of Israel, will address this issue in a talk to Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Saturday.

“Thomas Suarez pulls no punches in describing the creation of Israel as acts of terrorism,”says PSC branch officer Gill Knight. “A controversial stance, especially in these days when criticism of Israel is frequently labelled as anti-Semitic.

“The book is full of hard-hitting facts based on meticulous research into the UK’s national archives at Kew and access to a library of primary sources from individuals, British officials, the British secret services, national journals and Zionist organisations.

“This is an excellent opportunity to hear an expert on the subject and join the debate,” she says.

A taste of the book, State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel, is given in a review in Mondoweiss by David Gerald Fincham. “The story he tells is of a Zionist elite determined from the beginning to turn all of Palestine into a Jewish state in which the local non-Jewish Arab population would be either subjugated or expelled,” Dr Fincham writes.

“The Zionists were quite willing to use violence and terrorism to achieve this aim, and the book traces the resulting unhappy history in detail, to the extent that, in places, it reads like a catalog of Zionist terror attacks…

“The author does not deny or condone the existence of Palestinian Arab terrorism, but shows how it was then (and remains today) ‘a reaction to Zionist ethnic subjugation and expropriation of land, resources and labour, with non-violent resistance having proved futile’…

“The book makes the important point that in the early days most of world Jewry were opposed to Zionism. In Britain, the Jewish cabinet minister Lord Montagu, supported by other Jewish leaders, viewed the Zionists as collaborators with the anti-semites who were delighted with the idea of the Jews expelling themselves from their current homelands…

“The book also reveals the Zionist willingness to use violence against their Jewish opponents; their conviction that all Jews had an obligation to leave their homelands to go to Palestine; their willingness to stir up anti-semitism to encourage such migration; and their attempts to prevent displaced Jews going anywhere other than Palestine.”
Talk by Thomas Suarez to Hastings Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Saturday 25 November, 2pm. White Rock Hotel, 1-10 White Rock, Hastings TN34 1JU.


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