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Photo by Bev Francis

Photo by Bev Francis

HOT Style: Meet Roxane

Spotted in George Street, Hastings Old Town. Roxane “don’t do designer”. HOT Style-Seeker, Claudine Eccleston, reports.

Where do you live?
I live in Nice in the south of France.

What brings you to Hastings?
I’m visiting parents who live in Kent. We’re meeting up to get some seafood.

Where do you buy your clothes?
Roxane says she gets most of her clothes from secondhand shops and was keen to emphasise that she “don’t do designer”
She got this fluffy yellow hoody from high street shop Zara. The boots are Stradivarius which like Zara is a Spanish Indetek company subsidiary. She’s lived in Barcelona at one time which maybe a reason for this Indetek fashion mini-love.

What are your favourite clothes?
Anything furry, things with LEDs. She loves dressing up and has some lovely butterfly wings she wears to festivals.
… did I say she doesn’t do designer?

Posted 16:13 Wednesday, Apr 4, 2018 In: HOT Style

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