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The Red Ladies collage on display at Hastings Station

The Red Ladies Collage on display at Hastings Station

Red Ladies Clod Ensemble

Last autumn, the Clod Ensemble came to Hastings to release their performance art piece, The Red Ladies, on the unsuspecting folk of Hastings. Dressed in their black coats, red scarves, black sunglasses and red heels, The Red Ladies caused quite a stir in the town and the Zoom Arts’ photographers were there to capture the day. Steve Kilmartin reports.

Now the manager at Hastings Station has kindly allowed us space to exhibit a collage of images that celebrate the day The Red Ladies came to Hastings

The Zoom Arts Group have been given a permanent space at the station to exhibit their work. The Red Ladies Collage will remain in the station for five months, after which time the Group will replace it with fresh work.

For more information, check out the Zoom Arts Group website.


The Red Ladies

The Red Ladies

A Red Lady

A Red Lady

Posted 11:09 Friday, Jul 22, 2016 In: Photography

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