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Highly Inflammable

Highly Inflammable: waiting to explode under the dome in St Mary In The Castle, Hastings. When soon-to-be music icon, Marianne Elliott-Said saw the Sex Pistols on Hastings Pier, she was inspired to form her own punk band. Marion became Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex was born.

More than 40 years later, an original play influenced by the music of this punk legend is coming to St Mary In The Castle in Hastings on 10 June.
Set in two equally explosive eras – 1977 and post-Brexit Britain, Highly Inflammable uses Poly’s prophetic lyrics and ideas to explore very modern day problems.

Written by award winning playwright Cheryl White and directed by Laura Evers Johns, Highly Inflammable crackles with music, energy, ideas and plenty of proper punk outrage at the state of our nation in 2017.

“As a teenage punk growing up in Adelaide, Poly Styrene’s music had a big influence on me,” said White. “Now living in St Leonards where Poly spent the last years of her life, I have been inspired by the current political climate to revisit her ideas for a modern audience.”

Highly Inflammable will be the centrepiece of a unique day – 10 June 2017–dedicated to all things Poly Styrene:

A raffle of Poly’s personal items, artwork and CDs in support of St Michael’s Hospice

Learn more about Poly by visiting our exhibition throughout June in St Mary’s Crypt featuring private memorabilia, original artwork inspired by Poly, unreleased recordings and Poly’s last interview.

Pogo the night away to live music by local bands playing Poly.

Highly Inflammable: St Mary In The Castle, Hastings, 10 June 2017: Further details on Facebook: Facebook@PolyStyreneplay. Ticket prices £10 (conc) /£12 adult on Music Glue. Tickets available on the door at £15.

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