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Mary Beaney: Secrets

Mary Beaney: Secrets


Murmurations Gallery in Bexhill presents the work of three artists and their diverse reflections on individual paths through life, where we all leave traces. 

Mary Beaney is a local artist, having studied at Eastbourne College of Art and Technology. Mary will be exhibiting artworks in TRACES that present memory and time through texture and text. She has explored a variety of mediums and currently enjoys the use of acrylic and mixed media using a layering technique to create subtle depth. Tackling Portraiture, Still Life, Flora and Fauna, and Landscapes, there is an organic elegance to her work bringing a nostalgic presence.

Kate Gritton: Another Time Perhaps

Kate Gritton: Another Time Perhaps

Kate Gritton is inspired by natural elements and is constantly seeking essences of what lies beneath and beyond the surface. She is interested in the effects of time and tide, for decay, erosion or sedimentation that hide untold histories as much as the evidence of human settlement. Kate presents a series of paintings that seeks to evoke a sense of wounding, evidenced by scars on the land. This may be from natural disasters or human intervention. Fire, flood, industrial exploitation, war and waste all leave visible marks on the earth’s surface, but what lies hidden may inflict even deeper wounds.

Sue McDougall

Sue McDougall

Sue McDougall’s early career was as a journalist and writer. That changed in 2010 when in chance conversation she complained how she was forced to give up art in school. On being told that it was not too late, she went to study art at Brighton University, taking an MA in 2015. Sue uses a wide range of materials that enable her to explore time, entropy and existence. Her work includes paintings and sculptures and things that are a mixture of the two. In Traces, Sue will be including a selection of paintings.

Traces: Murmurations Gallery, 17a Parkhurst Road, Bexhill-on-sea, TN40 1DE. 31 – October to 12 November 2017: Tuesdays to Sundays (Closed Mondays). 10.30am to 4.30pm. Email: info@murmurationsgallery.co.uk

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