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Danny Fishbone's Dainty Dinners

Danny Fishbone’s Dainty Dinners

Danny Fishbone’s dainty dinners

Puppet chef extraordinaire, Danny Fishbone, part of the Idolrich Theatre Company, is preparing himself, as all good chefs do, for another tantalising demonstration of his and his audience’s favourite dishes at Ore Community Centre this Saturday 10 June from 2pm.

A FREE children and family puppet show and activity session this Saturday 10 June
to include spectacular demos from celeb puppet chef, Danny Fishbone with his Dainty Dinners from iDOLRICH Theatre Rotto. Danny will be accompanied in his dazzling display of culinary delights by his co-chef, Chris P Batter. All ages welcome.

“Don’t let it rot. Put it in the pot!”

“When you see Danny Fishbone, you will realise he is not like an ordinary chef with his milk bottle face, egg cup eyes and pasta mop of hair,” explains Julia, “but still, he has his personality like all of them. He gets his head in a twizzle quite often and his menu has something to be desired. However the Dishcloth Tarts have been relegated to obscurity from Sunday’s fare, due to customer feedback.

The character and performance was created and directed by Julia Dunbar McLean from iDOLRICH Theatre.


Posted 16:59 Thursday, Jun 8, 2017 In: Arts News

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