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The Bunker - out of place in the Country Park.

The Bunker – out of place in the Country Park.

‘Bunker’ appeal listed but postponed

The so-called Bunker dominating the Country Park at Rocklands, is still standing. Will it survive or will it have to be demolished? Last March, Hastings Borough Council rejected retrospective planning application HS/FA/14/01036. Now the matter is going to appeal, to be heard by a planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Bernard McGinley reports.

The Enforcement Appeal for Rocklands Private Holiday Park was to be heard at 10am on Wednesday 20 January at Stade Hall, The Stade, in Hastings, but since this article was first published, we have been informed by HBC that the inspector appointed to hear it has fallen ill, and the hearing has been postponed for an indefinite period. 

The Save Ecclesbourne Glen group (SEG) would be pleased if as many of their supporters as possible turned up for the appeal, to show the level of public opposition to the Bunker – and of desire to look after Hastings Country Park: unique and irreplaceable.

At the Stade Hall, there is maximum seating for 80, with 20 standing — so it will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The hall has been booked for two days, in case the hearing takes that long.

The key case is HS/FA/12/00952, which gave permission for the Bunker (under delegated powers), when application HS/FA/12/00471 ‘for the same proposal’ had been refused.  The issue has been often reported, including here, here and here.

SEG has asked to speak at the appeal – and has obtained new evidence since the appeal documents were submitted. Appeal documents relating to the case can be seen here.

On the other hand, the planning permission for the Bunker is still valid, according to HBC’s unpublished legal opinion. Contrary (and informed) opinions flourish.

The appeal is likely to make Hastings history.


This article was amended on 13 January 2016.

Posted 06:42 Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016 In: Home Ground

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