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Bicycle built for two Photo all-free-download.com

Cycle path?

Local cyclist, Barbara, has recently written on the Hastings Creatives website about the proposed cycle path through Alexandra Park in Hastings. Good idea or accident waiting to happen?

“I know there will be different opinions on the proposed cycle route through Alexandra Park,” writes Barbara, “but please take part in the consultation by Hastings Council.…


Protesters forced Sea Change to call off felling the last two trees - for the time being (photo: CHD).

Sea Change gives undertaking on tree-felling

Sea Change Sussex has given an undertaking not to cut down the remaining two trees on the route of the Queensway Gateway road unless planning permission for the road is restored.


Cathy with Percy Pertemps.
Photo courtesy Jas Sansi

The Big Hoot

Bevali Francis interviews the very talon-ted artist and fellow Hottie writer Cathy Simpson about her recent involvement with Birmingham’s largest public art project to date – The Big Hoot.


Pigs in sanctuary Photo by Rhian Thomas

Barby Keel’s open day

Calling all animal lovers! Sunday at the Sanctuary: Barby Keel‘s Animal Sanctuary offers refuge to animals and birds in need of a safe haven – and by attending their summer open day this Sunday (9 August), you’ll be helping them raise the funds they need to continue their caring work. 

The sanctuary has a gentle atmosphere, where everyone – both human and non-human – feels at ease and where, amazingly, cats and chickens happily wander the grounds freely.…



Cardboard boxes will be provided for participants in Seaview's sleep-out event (photo: Seaview)..

Cardboard boxes will be provided for participants in Seaview’s sleep-out event (photo: Seaview).

Are you ready for a night of sleeping rough?

Fancy a brief taste of homelessness? Seaview Project is organising the Big Sleep, a mass sleep-out to allow local residents to experience a little of what life is like for the growing number of those who find themselves homeless and sleeping on the streets. Nick Terdre reports.

The Big Sleep will take place on Friday 25 September in the Stade Open Space. You are advised to wear warm, water-proof clothing and bring a sleeping bag, but cardboard boxes will be provided. It will be cold and it will be tough, says Seaview, which has also designed the event to raise funds for its work. “Homelessness and rough sleeping won’t go away tonight or even tomorrow, but with your help, we can make a difference,” they say.

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Susan Jeanne by Rebecca Snotflower


I am not one for throwing myself in front of unsympathetic trains,
Or hanging from stiff rafters.
For me the more exact act is to haul a heaven out of life
By boiling eggs, buying shoes or dusting tables,
When the world with all its things that we have labelled
Is shouting ‘Hell’, and taking the hell out of you.…


Mario Rossi at Hastings Observer Building

Breathing life into the Observer Building

It is always amazing to see how generous the Hastings and St Leonards-ites are with their time, energy and creativity to make things happen and improve life for people in the area.



Rachel Howard, You Can Save Me, 2015

Abstract watery depths

The Jerwood Gallery has four separate exhibitions: LS Lowry By the Sea; Quentin Blake Life under Water plus their own Collection. HOT’s Lauris Morgan-Griffiths went along to the Foreshore Gallery to see their fourth; a show of contemporary paintings, Rachel Howard By the Sea.


Zoo des Refusés (Kathleen Fox)

Once upon a time in Hastings

Once upon a time in Hastings is described thus: ‘Taking Hastings as their starting point, these three local artists – Kathleen Fox, Sally Meakins & Jo Welsh – have investigated different aspects of the town’s rich past and have discovered extraordinary stories, both factual and imaginative.’ HOT reporter Cathy Simpson had a highly enjoyable time at this delightful show – which is humorous, thought-provoking and disturbing in equal measure.




Hastings’ Hiroshima Day gathering

Thursday 6 August 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Nagasaki suffered the same fate three days later. The number of victims from these attacks on civilian populations are estimated at over 200,000.


The Comedy of Babi Babbett Photo Glenn Overington

The Comedy of Babi Babbett

In August the players of The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company bring their seventeenth summer of outdoor theatre, comedy, mayhem and live music to St Leonards. Set in Islington in 1793, The Comedy of Babi Babbett is an out-and-out farce in the classic commedia dell’arte style and, according to The Rudes’ spokesperson, “is probably the funniest of all our plays”.



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