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The killing of George Floyd sparked Black Lives Matter protests all over the world. Here from a demonstrations in Warrior Square.

Let’s say his name: George Floyd!

Georgia Hannon, a student at Hastings Academy, has sent us her thoughts on the killing of George Floyd.

I am writing this letter to voice my opinion on the events that have happened recently, I am disgusted to read in the news about a young man, you may have heard of him, George Perry Floyd Jr. A young unarmed black man who was wrongfully killed by a white policeman.  In some people’s eye’s he must have done something wrong – FALSE. He was a human just like the rest of us. The policeman known as Derek Chauvin, he killed George Floyd with no remorse, he put his knee on George Floyd’s neck without a worry or care, whilst George was laying on the floor gasping for air. He pleaded and pleaded for a full eight minutes: “I can’t breathe,” calling and begging for his mama, “mama please”. Whilst the policeman taunted him repeating, “get up and get in the car”.

The other policemen who were with Derek Chauvin stood there and watched it happen; they didn’t intervene or try and help. They stood there. Watching this innocent man plead for his life. I think they are just as guilty as Derek.

You may be thinking, What I would know? I’m a white girl, I won’t ever have to worry like you do. I understand that.

Let’s put some things into perspective and look a while back into the past.

Dylan Roof, a white boy who attacked a black church, he took 9 lives but was arrested calmly. Take a look at this video.

He was calmly checked, handcuffed and taken to the car after murdering 9 innocent lives. But George Floyd was choked to death because he was allegedly using counterfeit money to buy a pack of cigarettes.

The world we live in is not fair. Not all lives matter until black lives matter.

I may not be black, but I see you.
I may not be black, but I hear you.
I may not be black, but I mourn with you.

We all need to come together and stop this hate! No one should feel scared to go out. No one should feel scared that they might get killed.

It makes me sick to the stomach to think about how disgusting and vile people are. It’s 2020, let’s stick together and make a change!

My heart goes out to all the families that have lost someone to racism; it’s not fair. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, should feel ashamed because of their skin and no one should judge people because of their skin.

I want you to finish reading this and let this sentence stay in your head.

“Please I can’t breathe. My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. They’re going to kill me” – these were George Floyd’s last words. No one should ever feel like that. To all the black people who may read this, “You’re amazing,” “Never feel ashamed of what you look like,” “Don’t let these vile people do that to you.”

Come on everyone, let’s make a stand, let’s try and change things.

When I first saw this on the news I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach, think of his wife and kids, his daughter now has to grow up without a father figure in the house. His wife left broken. Waiting for him to come home after work. Not getting used to the fact that he isn’t coming back.


A kind innocent father and human. Say his name with me: “George Floyd”

Black people have to fight for their most basic rights. We don’t; we are privileged.

We will never feel how they do. I’m sorry about that.

Their skin is not a weapon!!!! Their skin is what makes them so unique.

We all bleed the same.

We have already taken so many lives! No more. No more lives need to be taken.

We will never forget the name George Floyd, an innocent man whose life was destroyed at the hands of white, racist police officers. Just because of the colour of his skin the police ignored his pleas. We can’t let others suffer the same. The fight must go on and in his name. They fought with their lives, now families are crying. Innocent people are dying! I believe we all matter but right now black lives are all that matter; their lives are in danger ’cause of their looks. We may not all understand but I believe if we make a stand, there’s a chance this fight will be over.

Let’s all say his name GEORGE FLOYD!

I’m sorry to everyone who has lost a loved one.



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Posted 15:00 Friday, Jun 19, 2020 In: Point of View

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