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Interview with Louise Illig-Mooncie, author of ‘Encounter Between Two Worlds’ (plus literary events from 3 December 2019)

German-born Louise Illig Mooncie has written about the coming to terms with her country’s uneasy past. Her spiritual journey has taken her to the UK, India and Ireland and she shares her experiences in the book Encounter Between Two Worlds. She talks to Angela J. Phillip about her journey.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Dec 3, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: Angela J. Phillip Encounter between two worlds Louise Illig Mooncie reincarnation

Writers in Hastings & St Leonards: Pete Donohue, poet (plus literary events from 26 Nov 2019)

Pete Donohue is a poet, short story writer, cartoonist and literary editor of The Hastings Independent Press. He talks to Angela J. Phillip about his life and work and what brought him to Hastings.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: Angela J. Phillip Lisa Donohue Pete Donohue
Beyond the waves by Colin Bateman

‘Beyond the Waves’ by Colin Bateman – a new mystery novel set in Rye Harbour (plus literary events from 19 Nov 2019)

Locally based author and former journalist, Colin Bateman talks to Angela J. Phillip about his process as a writer and his latest book Beyond the Waves. The new novel is inspired by real events and Tom Kidd, a part-time journalist (and the hero of his previous novel) gets involved in unravelling the story of the hidden past in order to solve crimes that are being reported in the present.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: A dreadful trade Angela J. Phillip

Having a go at marketing a self-published book part 1 (and literary events from 12 Nov 2019)

Marketing! The very word sends shivers through me and I don’t think I’m alone. I have looked with increasing desperation at ways to avoid this, but the time has come. In this post Angela J. Phillip sets off down the dreaded road in search of help.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: Angela J. Phillip Marketing a self-published book

9 tips for writing dialogue (plus literary events from 5 Nov 2019)

There are no rules and a hundred ways to do anything. Having said that, there are certainly writing tips from which we can all benefit. Angela J. Phillip goes in search of current advice and gives some examples.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: Angela J. Phillip how to write dialogue
John Dorsey, poet

Prizewinning US poet, John Dorsey at Bookbusters (and literary events from 29 October 2019)

‘Do you need tickets?’ somebody asked at the door of Bookbusters as she peered into the crowded shop. But no, you didn’t. For a donation of a couple of pounds you could listen to the poems, read your own and have a glass of wine. Time out from the grey drizzle for two or three hours as Tim Barton, the shop owner, and Pete Donohue, the host, made everyone warmly welcome. The guest of honour was the prize-winning American poet, John Dorsey.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: Alice Denny Angela J. Phillip BOOKBUSTER Brian Docherty John Dorsey Pete Donohue Tim Barton Tom O'Brien

3 Kinds of Writing Therapy (plus literary events from 22 October 2019)

Smiling is not what most of us feel like doing when something bad has happened and we may never come to the conclusion that we should smile about it, but writing is for everyone and it can ease our troubles. You can express your anger or your sadness, your pain or your delight. It matters how you feel and it will help to write it down to get it outside of you so you can have a look – and then change, move on. Angela J. Phillip investigates 3 kinds of writing therapy.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: 3 kinds of writing therapy Angela J. Phillip

2 Great Sci-fi books with a difference (plus literary events from 15 Oct 2019)

Sci-fi books are not always about strange-looking aliens with whom earthlings are about to do battle. Angela J. Phillip briefly reviews two novels that could be said to be sci-fi but that don’t always feel as though they are. Each one offers a powerful comment on human beings and how we might develop. Each one is a thought-provoking read.

Posted 09:00 Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 In: Hastings Bookchat Tags: Angela J. Phillip Kazuo Ishiguro
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