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Hastings women rising

The women of Hastings & St Leonards are coming together on Valentine’s Day as part of One Billion Rising, Eve Ensler’s campaign to raise awareness of violence against women. Xaverine Bates explains more about Hastings Women’s Voice & riart Grrrls’ plans.

On the evening of 8th February, 30 women came together to learn the moves to “Break the Chain“, the anthem of the One Billion Rising movement.

We are joining women and men from all around the world to highlight the shocking incidences of violence against women globally, from the notorious gang rapes in Delhi and Steubenville, Ohio, to the violence that happens right here in Hastings & St Leonards every single day.

Eve Ensler, best known for her play, The Vagina Monologues, experienced sexual abuse as a child and has been campaigning to raise awareness of violence against women ever since. She wrote The Vagina Monologues in 1996, which inspired her to create V-day, a global activist movement to stop violence against women and girls.

One Billion Rising is the first event of its kind to mobilise women and men across the world on the same day to dance, strike and rise against violence against women. Our own MP Amber Rudd will be joining Stella Creasy on that day in Parliament, to discuss the vital importance of Sex & Relationship Education (SRE) in schools and to create a zero tolerance attitude to violence and abuse in relationships. At a time when our children can access porn at the tap of a screen and problems surrounding sexting and bullying are rife, this is an issue which is urgent and has to be addressed immediately.

As Eve Ensler herself said, ‘it’s like a feminist tsunami’ – feminist issues are everywhere in the media and are long overdue. Gone is the stereotype of the hairy, man-hating feminist of the past – today’s feminists are everywhere, we come in all shapes, sizes, colours, genders, creeds and abilities & we have had enough of living with the status quo. We are working together to make the world one we can be proud of handing over to our children, as women’s issues are no longer on the margins – they are issues of human rights that affect us all.

For more information about Hastings Women Rising, riart Grrrls and Hastings Women’s Voice, just click the links & join the conversation.

Join us on at 5.30pm on 14th February outside Caffè Nero in Hastings Town Centre to make a stand against violence against women and girls – together we can change the world.

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