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The Hottest Christmas Cards in Town!

Give your friends the flavour of Hastings and St Leonards with a HOT Christmas card from East Sussex. The cards are designed by St

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Hand with stone

A piece of peace

Some wars and battles  – inside of us, outside of us – have been going on for a very long time, writes HOT’s Zelly Restorick.  So

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Hastings Online Times front page

Meet the HOTTIES:
Open meeting on Mon 24 Sept at the White Rock Hotel, 7.30

On Monday 24 September HOT is holding an open meeting where you are invited to

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'Curiosity' Cartoon

And the consequences were…

Last week, HOT’s Zelly Restorick wrote an article about Little Roar Ghyll, a waterfall flowing in the depths of Alexandra Park. This week, she ponders the

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Delete the word 'enemy'!

Friend or foe?

Earlier this week, a St Leonards resident told HOT journalist, Zelly Restorick,  about a TV documentary on the subject of Romanians coming over to London to pick

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One early morning this week, walking from St Leonards to Glyne Gap, the sun high in the sky, HOT journalist, Zelly Restorick, was filled with a sense of lovingness

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Power from the Sun “will truly change the world”

“This is not pie-in-the-sky—this can be doneAl Gore

Did you ever set fire to kindling using a magnifying glass

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What do they mean by targets and how can they be enforced? What’s the significance of the failure to get a new treaty? Why has nothing been done to protect the rainforests? It can be hard to figure it all out, so we’ve tried to boil it down to its main features, and then suggest something positive we can do.

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