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Can Corbyn’s message of social decency     change our political landscape?

Jeremy Corbyn’s meteoric rise since he entered Labour’s leadership contest has got the world in a tizzy – suppose he actually wins?! Would that make Labour unelectable or a force for radical change? HOT asked two local activists, Rachel Lever and Clive Gross, to write for and against the following proposition: Is it realistic to suppose that the Labour Party, which in the general election endorsed the Tories’ austerity policy and now appears to have difficulty seeing itself as the opposition, can lead the struggle for a society based on a fair distribution of wealth and resources and sustainable environmental policies? Below is Rachel’s argument in favour. Clive’s argument against is here.

Posted 21:40 Thursday, Aug 6, 2015 In: Politics Tags: Jeremy Corbyn Labour party Left living wage nuclear weapons Rachel Lever supertax Tories trident university fees
It was founded in 1900, but does the Labour Party have a future? (Photo: Wkimedia Commons.)

Forget Labour – it’s time to move on

Posted 21:37 In: Politics Tags: Attlee Clean Air Act Clive Gross equal pay Frankie Boyle Jeremy Corbyn Labour party Margaret Thatcher Private Finance Initiative Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Robert Tressell Trades Union Congress
Trident submarine - official photo

Local LibDems target Trident with public forum

One of the issues apparently decided by the outcome of the General Election is whether or not to renew Britain’s military nuclear capacity: Trident. The four Vanguard Class submarines that carry the Trident missiles will have to be replaced in 2028, which means that work on that project has already started on the drawing board. HOT’s Chris Cormack thinks there should still be scope for informed public debate, which is being offered by Hastings’ LibDems.

Posted 15:29 Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015 In: Politics Tags: CentreForum Chris Cormack Liberal Democrats Nick Perry nuclear weapons Toby Fenwick trident
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