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Heart to heart (2)

Before Christmas HOT columnist Sean O’ Shea was diagnosed as having heart problems (HOT 13th December, 2013). In part two of Heart to Heart he shares some more of his experiences with the NHS. 

Posted 20:24 Monday, Mar 3, 2014 In: SOS Tags: British Heart Foundation heart nhs

Hastings Mardi Gras

Sean O’Shea talks to Bob Tipler of the Cajun Dawgs about his plans for developing the increasingly popular Hastings Fat Tuesday Festival (Mardi Gras), the origin of Cajun music and his band the Cajun Dawgs.

Posted 12:21 Sunday, Feb 2, 2014 In: SOS Tags: Cajun Dawgs Fatt Tuesday mardi gras the stag inn

Heart to heart

Owing to health problems HOT columnist Sean O’Shea has not been frequenting his usual haunts of late. He discusses some of his encounters with the health service, the mixed blessing that is modern medicine and some of his hopes for the New Year.

Posted 14:40 Friday, Dec 13, 2013 In: SOS Tags: health heart Iatrogenic medication
Dissen featured image

Difference, deviation & dissent

HOT columnist, Sean O’ Shea, discusses some examples of the devaluing stereotypes which are applied to various groups in society, who are perceived as different, troublesome, or as deviating from perceived norms.  Drawing on examples from Nazi Germany as well as contemporary Britain, he emphasises the need for vigilance in the light of the stigmatisation and scapegoating of sections of the community.

Posted 14:49 Friday, Oct 18, 2013 In: SOS Tags: deviation difference dissent eugenics labelling scapegoats Sean O' Shea stereotypes stigmatisation
Sister Teresa Forcades

Sisters in Dissent

Sisters in Dissent

Posted 15:41 Wednesday, Oct 2, 2013 In: SOS Tags: Benedictine nun Catalonia Catholic Church Hugo Chavez Karl Marx Leonardo Boff Sister Teresa Forcades
Kat Lee Ryan of the Fabulous Red Diesel

Spotlight on Kat Lee-Ryan

HOT columnist Sean O’Shea talks with Kat Lee – Ryan, The Fabulous Red Diesel’s (TFRD)  lead singer and songwriter, about her local connections, her collaboration with husband and fellow band member Will Lee-Ryan, her musical influences, her involvement with community issues and hopes for the future.

Posted 12:30 Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013 In: SOS Tags: Funk Jazz Kate Lee-Ryan The Fabulous Red Diesel Will Lee-Ryan
nigella and saatch- fii

Celebrity tales

Celebrity tales

Posted 11:15 Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013 In: SOS Tags: Charles Saatchi Nigella Lawson
Cajun Dawgs live at the Stag Inn, Hastings

Bluegrass night

Hot columnist Sean O’Shea meets some of the musicians who play at the regular Bluegrass session held at the Stag Inn in Old Town, Hastings. He talks with them about the magic of Bluegrass and enquires why the banjo is still the butt of so many jokes.

Posted 12:24 Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013 In: SOS Tags: bluegrass the stag inn
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