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Hate and the Left


Posted 08:28 Sunday, Feb 12, 2017 In: SOS Tags: Dennis Skinner Edith Cavell Hartley Shawcross Imma Joseph Goebbels Julia Kristeva Karl Marx Labour party Melanie Klein Momentum Nuremberg trials Sigmund Freudnuel Kant SWP Thatcher
Image by Paul Way-Rider

Labouring on

HOT’s Sean O’ Shea discusses Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s recent relaunch bid dubbed by the media as ‘the day of chaos.’ He also reviews the position of the Labour Party with regard to electoral reform and progressive alliances, reflects on the party’s prospects for 2017 and asks: will it rise to the challenge ahead?

Posted 11:03 Sunday, Jan 22, 2017 In: SOS Tags: Clive Lewis Corbyn:the Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics Labour party Len McCluskey Momentum Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed Richard Seynour Shami Chakrabarti Tony Benn
Sorrow Van Gogh, Public Domain

Love dust

In this vignette inspired by a poem by Sylvia Plath, Sean O’Shea portrays a solitary woman attempting to connect with some inner sense of goodness and quietude.

Posted 17:48 Saturday, Dec 31, 2016 In: SOS Tags: Buddha meditation Mirror Sorrow Van Gogh

The America Ground

HOT’s Sean O’Shea talks with local historian, Ken Brooks about the origin of the America Ground and the fate of this short lived quasi-republic of Hastings. They also discuss the Battle of Hastings, the future of history and Ken’s interest in geology.

Posted 21:25 Sunday, Dec 4, 2016 In: SOS Tags: Barry Funnel The America Ground Battle of Hastings Hastings Then & Now Ken Brooks Kevin Cahill Priory Bridge Robertson's St The Shpwreck Museum Hastings Who Owns Britain & Ireland
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Posted 09:15 Sunday, Oct 9, 2016 In: SOS Tags: A world transformed Jon Lansman Momentum Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams Postcapitalism - A world without Work socialism for the twent first century

The People’s Manifesto

In this his second interview with local activist, Chris Coverdale, 

Posted 13:40 Tuesday, Sep 20, 2016 In: SOS Tags: Carta Populi Malalai Joya People's Brexit Manifesto People's Magna Carta Rent and Mortgage Interest Restriction Act Samad Behrangi
Image by Paul Way-Rider

Labour Party Leadership Election 2016

HOT’s Sean O’Shea consulted with some local Labour Party members, who are also HOT readers, regarding the coming Labour Party Leadership Election. He agreed to prepare some questions based on this discussion and forward them to the Labour Party Leadership candidates. Any replies received will be published in the HOT Topics, Politics Section. Here are some notes on some of the issues raised.

Posted 10:03 Monday, Aug 8, 2016 In: SOS Tags: Clause Four Labour Party Attlee Great money trick Jeremy Corbyn Labour party Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Rent and Mortgage Interest Restriction Act 1915 William Beveridge

War is peace

HOT’s Sean O’ Shea talks to local activist and anti-war campaigner, Chris Coverdale, about his background, the people who have inspired him, the laws of war, the reasons why so few people are charged for war crimes and his prison experience.

Posted 07:28 In: SOS Tags: Chris Coverdale Convention for the Suppression of the financing of Terrorism Nuremberg Principles Sean O’Shea Terorism Act 2001
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