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Anti-fracker, Vivienne Westwood Photo ZR

Fracking risk to SSSIs

Posted 10:11 Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: Amber Rudd Energy Minister fracking

Solar Impulse 5 day non-stop flight

The latest update from the solar powered plane, Solar Impulse and her pioneering pilots, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, is a second attempt to fly from Japan to Hawaii. Five days and five nights non-stop air-time. This will be the longest leg of their Round The World mission to promote clean energy. HOT’s Zelly Restorick celebrates the new technology and the beautiful brains of the team behind it’s creation.

Posted 14:56 Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: solar flight Solar Impulse

Solar-powered flight becomes reality

A solar-powered plane with the wingspan of a Jumbo Jet, weighing no more than a family car, has today landed in Japan on its way to Hawaii. Solar Impulse is a first in aviation history, has already broken records for staying in the air – and although we’re still a long way from replacing current passenger planes with solar-powered ones, this is an amazing, pioneeringly innovative step in the right direction of a clean, renewable energy future. HOT’s Zelly Restorick spreads the word about alternative energy sources that are clean and sustainable.

Posted 16:18 Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: alternative energy Clean Energy for the Future Energy saving renewable energy Solar Impulse Zelly Restorick
Planning Committee Image by ZR

Teach a man to plan – and he will know nothing about good design

This third blog by local architect, Ken Davis about his project, The Fish House, will deal very briefly with design/layout issues and planning: the latter being so called ‘Town Planning’. 

Posted 15:55 Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: Building Regulations design Ken Davis planning The Fish House
THE FISH HOUSE 130 Bohemia Rd Proposed View By Ken Davis

Exploring thermal upgrades to our homes

Local energy aware architect, Ken Davis, continues with his work on 130 Bohemia Road, aka The Fish House. This week he considers upgrading our building stock thermally and the problems that ideal presents.

Posted 10:58 Wednesday, Mar 18, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: Celotex eco friendly architecture ecological architecture energy eco-refurbishment environmental issues insulation Ken Davis Kingspan The Fish House thermal upgrades
130 Bohemia Road, The Fish House, demolition and strip out phase Photo Ken Davis

Energy…and our homes

Energy is defined as the power of doing work, but we tend to know it as something elusive and yet readily available if needed. Petrol for the car,  gas for heating, electricity for lights, washing machines, etc. All there when we need them, we simply – for the most part – just pay up, writes local architect, Ken Davis

Posted 12:41 Wednesday, Mar 4, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: building construction energy efficiency energy efficient architecture energy wisdom Ken Davis
Big Energy Race

Big Energy Race

If you have any questions about the Big Energy Race, please email:

Posted 15:04 Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015 In: Energy Wise Tags: community groups Creating The Climate For Change Global Action Plan points and prizes
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