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Cheapskate on holiday (postcards from the edge!)

Believe it or not Summer is on its way. A time when, traditionally, we book our escapes and wave goodbye to any savings

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Posted 14:12 Tuesday, May 15, 2012 In: Cheapskate
Cheapskate Icon © Cathy Simpson

Fabulous darling! – Cheapskate’s guide to clothes

Anyone old enough to remember The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop is old enough to have at least three decades of bad clothes choices in

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Posted 23:24 Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012 In: Cheapskate
Cheapskate Icon © Cathy Simpson

Cheapskate’s guide to children’s parties

We all want to give our children a magical birthday but this doesn’t have to mean taking out a second mortgage to cover the cost

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Posted 19:04 Monday, Mar 19, 2012 In: Cheapskate

Cheapskate’s guide to weekly household shopping

Food and household goods are usually at the bottom of everyone’s calculations when trying to work out a budget. However, it’s surely the most

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Thrifty? frugal? stingy? whatever!

I don’t care what people call it. I love a bargain and absolutely hate feeling I have been ripped off.

The days of looking at an

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Posted 18:19 In: Cheapskate Tags:
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