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Three poems by John D Robinson

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JD Bar Bistro, Claremont, Hastings - venue for Hastings Stanza meetings

A start to stanza

Stanza groups are offshoots of the Poetry Society, and consist of people in a given area who come together to talk about poetry – whether to

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They Told Me To Write

Poem by Alice Y Hull

They told me to write, that’s what they said.

They told me to write down the things in my head.

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Gerry Potter – Poet

Gerry Potter, who is appearing at the Electric Palace Cinema in December, is a poet, director, actor, author of the hit play Miracle, and both

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Poet and translator, Cristina Viti

Searching for that magic

For all people who identify as female in gender, here is a poetry workshop run by women for women and all about – yes, you guessed

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Glastonbury Tor

By John Knowles

The water tastes of rust
Menstrual blood
From this mother earth
Over which we process in
Diminishing circles
Till we reach the
Phallic tower Tor.

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My confidence crisis, my humiliation, my loneliness, my confusion

John Knowles

Small dreams that falter and fall

Set traps to make a fool of us all

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The Lost Piers

The lost piers.

Poem by John Knowles

From Aberavon …..

To Withernsea

The shore lines

Rusting relics

A pier less nation

Defends itself

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Posted 11:59 Saturday, Jun 1, 2013 In: Poetry
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