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These are two of the poems contributed by John Robinson to the 2016 48th Street Press Broadside Series. Portrait of John by local artist Jon Adie.

Two poems by John Robinson

Two of the poems contributed by John Robinson to the 2016 48th Street Press Broadside Series.

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Painting by John D Robinson.


By John D Robinson

A black and white fluffy
tough-fucker veteran
warrior brawler;
of 16 years;
he’d take no prisoners
and he’d take no shit

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Heart sculpture by ZR

Be realistic, plan for a miracle

Edd is a local slam poet. Waiting for a takeaway curry, HOT’s Zelly Restorick overheard Edd reading out one of his poems to a

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Susan Jeanne by Rebecca Snotflower


I am not one for throwing myself in front of unsympathetic trains,
Or hanging from stiff rafters.
For me the more exact act is to haul a heaven out

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portrait resized

It is cold today

By Alan Segal

It is cold today
My neighbours say
Frost flecks the still flowers
For straight-laced silver form

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Norbert’s Ears

By Tony Frost and Reuben Ramsay

Just why Norbert’s left ear
Is an elongate form
Is a thing only known to his mother.
But the strange fact remains

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By Tony Frost

(to Riju from Nepal, worked at SPAR, St Leonards-on-Sea)

You bid me write a poem for you

But who can conjure words with grace,


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STAG main


By Tony Frost

In pools of light and shade, beneath

Bent beams, a jostle of elbows, arms,

The sandpaper hands of ruddy-faced men

Slap out the beat on

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