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Hofesh Shechter performing Uprising. Photograph by Andrew Lang

Hofesh Shechter

Hofesh Shechter came to Hastings
And slid across the stage
Like a range of primordial creatures
Monkey moves
Death metal grooves

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Posted 15:14 Thursday, Jun 14, 2012 In: Literature
Pistoleros 2 volume novel by Stuart Christie

Exciting times

Do we live in exciting times?  We had a modest march against the cuts not so long ago, and the thrill of local elections in May. But pick

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Alcaeus by RJ Dent

Alcaeus: poems and fragments

R.J.Dent is a poet, novelist, translator, essayist and short story writer who read at the much missed F-ishtales poetry readings at F-ish Art Gallery in

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Changing Rooms

A short story by Bronwen Griffiths

I’ve got my red dress that I wore to the ground.

The only time girls wear long dresses is when they’re passing

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♦ Hastings based Circaidy Gregory Press publishes novels, short stories, playes and poetry. Most of our titles are by authors we have met through the Earlyworks Press Writers and Reviewers

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