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David Quantick

It’s c***s like you that are ruining this town!

A preview of The Summer Music Season as programmed by David Quantick.  By John Knowles


It’s not much of a

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We went down to the Odeon on Friday night. I must have had the seat with the stickiest patch of carpet in the entire cinema – at the end

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Local residents share their own red carpet moment outside the Odeon. Some of them were extras in Byzantium. Look out for them in the cafe scene!

Byzantium invitation

Lobbying works! The Neil Jordan film, Byzantium, is to be shown at the local Odeon from this Friday.

Paul Field, a member of the St Leonards’ Film

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Cannes Speilberg cartoon

Cannes, a very super market

Hastings and St Leonards are developing quite an affinity with the quaint and unpretentious town of Cannes: first St Leonards featured at the Straight 8

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Still from Brian Yuzna's 'Society'

Film masterclass at St Mary-in-the-Castle

The prolific film producer/director Brian Yuzna has been invited by the University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts, in collaboration with Cine-Excess International Film Festival, to

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The Magnetic Monster Poster

Magnetic monster nears Hastings

B-movie madness continues at the Electric Palace cinema later this month with The Magnetic Monster, made in 1953. John Knowles reports.

In keeping with the

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Hastings Film Makers Festival 2013

Doors open for home-grown film festival

UPDATE: CORRECTION TO STORY. The  Hastings Shorts series of short films, showing Saturday 27 April at 2.30pm at The Jerwood Gallery, is a new

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Amerdamned Nouveaux Pictures / Cine-Excess.

Bringing horror Hollywood to Hastings

Hastings will soon have claim to international cult film fame when the Cult Film Archive moves here from London. It is the world’s only research

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